April 06, 2008

A Life Called Journey

I am officially addicted to this themesong and this series. Linda Chung is amazing in here! This role is totally different from all her other "innocent" image roles. Starting from the outside, she's got tattoos, purple hair dye and super short shorts. This character she plays is very vulgar, rebellious, and pretty smart too. But that is all just her outer shell, a fence as Metal would call it. As this series progress, I'm 100% sure that we'll see more of her inner shell.

Linda Chung and Steven Ma reunite in this series! YAY! Linda's first drama with TVB was Virtues of Harmony 2 and in there she played the character, Michelle who eventually falls for Steven's character, Ivan Sze. Ha~ in the end they marry! And Michelle becomes Mrs. Sze! And now they meet once again in the new series, A Life Called Journey with Linda as Ms. Sze Ga Ga. See, she even bought Ivan's surname with her into this series! HAHA! JKJK!

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