April 09, 2008

Laptop spoilt, Wu Zun fears topless pics leak, dare not send for repair

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WZ loves to take self-shots, his laptop also contains secrets that cannot be told!

Wu Zun's notebook monitor malfunctioned recently, the replacement parts would need about 2 months to ship over, he has already strictly requested that when sending his laptop in for repairs, his management company staff would scrutinise the entire repair process of the computer company, to prevent pictures from leaking out.

Calvin striptease, hilarious actions

Just what is the secret hidden in his laptop? Wu Zun said laughingly, "It's still ok lah, the most are pictures of me topless." So Wu Zun also loves to take self-shots.

However he also revealed, his laptop also contains interesting images of other people, that is Calvin's striptease video clip, he said, he wasn't really stripping, but his movements were very funny, it wouldn't be good if it leaked out and was seen by other people.

As the computer part would require 2 months to arrive, he being a computer addict did not care about the luggage weight restrictions, when going to China to film Butterfly Lovers, would also bring along a desktop LCD monitor to China, to connect to his laptop. He said, this was nothing, he had even prepared a luggage full of snacks to film, to satisfy his cravings.

Practising swordplay on the roof, auntie applaud and shout bravo

Wu Zun said, last week he went to Shanghai to train martial arts for Butterfly Lovers, he learnt an entire swordplay sequence, but as a result of having to do the horse stance continuously, now his waist and bum were very sore, when he returned to Taipei and was practising his swordplay on the top floor of his place, he was seen by his auntie neighbour, she even applauded him, gave him a sense of accomplishment.

source: http://www.libertytimes.com.tw/2008/new/ap...today-show2.htm

-GASP- First it was the Edison sex scandal. Then it was NY's very own Governor Spitizer's call girl scandal. And now we have the Calvin "striptease video clip". What a great way to start off the new year... Well, maybe this isn't as serious as the first two! -Sigh- Life is tough.

oOo...Wu Chun is a computer addict! Bringing a LCD monitor with him...that monitor is heavy and he tugs it around! He is one of the most weirdest person I've read about. He sure loves his laptop a lot. If one day, he had to choose between his laptop and food, which will he choose? Hmmm...

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  1. ahh when i read that i was like.. MONITOR? flat screen or those humongous ones? >.< but haha he's sucha funny kid<3