April 10, 2008

Fahrenheit September Tours 7 Chinese Cities

Fahrenheit and S. Korea's Super Junior compete for good looking guys. Photo credits HIM

Translated by Cmiley
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Fahrenheit in the next half a year will be fully charging for their music career, coming up they and SHE together will be do a concert tour in 7 cities in China, and will also hope to do it Taiwan, the night before they also competed their dance skills with S Korean idol group Super Junior.

Since Fahrenheit produced their album "Double face Fahrenheit" last year, ever since they've been busy filming dramas, until recently they have started to do album functions, yesterday in Beijing they announced that the next half year they'll be focusing on music, having to work with their senior sisters SHE; from Sep to Nov in the mainland cities Luhu & Haote, Chinan, Zhengzhou, Fuzhou, Hangzhou, Taiyuan and Shenzhen and others 7 cities to perform a concert, at the moment they're also planning to sing in Taiwan, but time and location hasn't been decided yet.

Fahrenheit the night before arrived in Beijing for "Music Charts", the local organizers specially requested a special airport vip corridor so Fahrenheit can exit immediately into a car to leave to avoid delay from overly passionate fans at the airport, but because Aaron was walking too fast, this lead to recurrence of his knee injury Jiro without asking helped him while walking. The four were forced to stay in the hotel in Beijing, they were only able to make requests with the staff to help them by Peking Duck to try the "Peking taste".

At the "Music Charts", Fahrenheit first helped SHE accept "Most Popular Group Award", themselves they also received "Years Improvement Award". Behind the stage Fahrenheit and S. Korea's pretty boys Super Junior met, both have also heard of each other's names, Fahrenheit also took the chance to ask about their dance skills, hoping at their own concert they can sing and dance at the same time.

Whoas! The people on the left look so triaddd. They all dress in black from top to bottom to top. And why are there so many thumbs-up hands? Hmmm...I know...they're getting ready to play Seven Up! HAHAHAA! FAHRENHEIT! Arron looks really handsome with his white suit and black bow tie but those orange-y shoes look out of place! Jiro looks like he just came back from horse riding and Wu Chun looks like a business man. HAHAHA!

oOo...maybe we'll see a Fahrenheit that dances and sings in the future. Fahrenheit and their live singing...um...I would stay away from that for now. Hehehe! Well I'm glad that they're focusing more on their music career in the remaining half of this year. I rather see them improve their singing and dancing skills than see them in dramas.


  1. ew. Super Junior M... don't like Super Junior M... i like Super Junior T ><; LOL ohyeah, i brought another magazine with FRH on the cover. it's mad cool

  2. wth...there's a super junior m and a super junior t? ... okay....OMG! bring ur magazine tomo!!! i let u win in bs! :)

  3. there's a Super Junior KRY too... lols

  4. -blink blink-

    why there are so much?