April 03, 2008

Fahrenheit official website; Arron Yan got left out

Fahrenheit international official website is opening soon, Wu Chun, Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen, Arron Yan took new pictures for the website, each of them standing in a corner, but their body look different, especially Arron Yan, he looks really small on the picture, you can't see his picture clearly, causing the talk of "leaving Arron out", Manager company Comic Co. answered "actually its the problem of the background picture"

Four of them standing front and back, not leaving Arron out

Chun, Jiro, Calvin and Arron have no problem standing in a straight line, but because they have to match the background picture, which is a city, four of them have to separate from they are standing. Comic said, because of trying to get the right position, four of them tried standing, ducking, tried many ways, found out the best is one person in front, and one person at the back, there was no meaning of leaving Arron out.

Official website will open soon, Fahrenheit will be using BBS system, [Translator: I think BBS system is a system that draw random members? I'm not sure, purely guessing] and communicate with their fans right away. Jiro and Arron both said " We will only answer question that is appropriate." If fans ask question like " Can you come to my home " those are not allowed.

Chun likes to eat, and he likes to put pictures of them in his blog too, after the official site is open, he is gonna put pictures in there and introduce his food. Calvin didn't show up in public a lot lately, because the fans miss him, they always wait for him in his building, and his mailbox is stuffed of fans letters, making him very annoyed, he is hoping if the fans want to talk to him, they can meet him on the site.

Translated By: Choco_Jiro* @ asianfanatics.net
source : www.libertytimes.com.tw

OMG! Fahrenheit has an official website now! Isn't awesome! Well not really because the site takes a pretty long time to load and you have to pay a membership fee to join the fanclub there. Other than that, you could view Fahrenheit news, drama, etc. I think you'll get a better idea when you actually visit the website. I spotted a really cool thing on their site. You could view their website in three different languages: Chinese, English, and Japanese.


  1. i thought they already had a website.. or was it just their blogs =.=

  2. that one was just their blogs...i like their blogs more than their new website...

  3. i don't mean to be mean or anything but like...why on earth would a band of guys or any band at that matter would make THEIR FANS pay a membership fee? i find it stupid; just because they will answer legit questions. these people that are their fans are their fans for a real. as long as it's a legit question why not just answer? why make ppl pay? that's kind of stupid especially for people overseas in north america and stuff....stupid they're going to make a freaking 12/13 year old pay? my sister just loves these guy. sorry if i offended anyone at all even Fahrenheit but to me that's just saying ur more in it for the money not the fans and with this other website forum thing i found..it said that no put downs. well...if you get no put downs or constructive critisism how are you supposed to get better? aren't u supposed to be used to critisism and rumors anyways? just food for thought

  4. i feel like i am the only one that cares but.....why do ppl just not put things in english if they want international publicity? *sigh*.... i keep trying to find websites and they're all in squares....except for the numbers....V.V..ppl these days

  5. wow...hoa_le_canada! you seem to be on fire! haha! well, i dun think that fahrenheit decided to make their fans pay a membership...i think it's more of the company, HIM's decision to do that. When you talked about some website forum with no put downs, i think the forum people are trying to stop bashing of fahrenheit on their forum. constructive criticisms are welcomed but bashing is not! i mean if someone justs writes about how bad fahrenheit is, how they cant sing...and blah blah blah...thats not constructive criticism...thats bashing and thats unwanted.

  6. haha! it's pretty hard to find official websites that are in English and not the native language...

  7. yeah i know where ur coming from lol and thanks, but i mean like the "bashing" or negative comments all around are an inevitible and ppl just got to accept that right? it's normal for ppl to not like them some are just more vocal than others. and i know i'm kind of hot headed so bare with me lol.
    but the thing is i've listened to their songs and there is never a wrong note or anything and it kind of makes the person well if it was me wonder if i'm cheating or not you know because ppl do make mistakes and they probably correct it for the album. iono i really want to ask them but i don't really have time to look around and stuff.

  8. hahaha! i think their cd singing is so much better than their live singing. One of the things that they really should focus on is their live singing.

  9. can anyone post me a link to their "official" blogs or websites? because i would like to know what is happenning with fahrenheit cause im a big fan. thanks (: