April 01, 2008

April Fools Day!

Happy April Fools! I'm sure most of you have either been a victim of April Fools or an April Foolian. And if you don't know what an April Foolian is, don't even bother to google it, because it's just a word I made up. I should really write my own dictionary...hehehe. Anyway, an April foolian is just someone who promotes April Fools Day by playing innocuous pranks on others. I am definitely an April Foolian. hehe. So how was your April Fools Day? Got pranked or got pranks!

April Fools Day is my favorite day of the year! Over the years, I have pranked many of my friends and now the consequence is that they don't trust anything I say on April Fools Day which is smart. It was so funny yesterday because on my AIM profile I put up a checklist of equipments for April Fools Day and then one of my friends IMed me and said, "STAY AWAY FROM ME TOMO!" She was scared that I was going to prank her which I did..and unfortunately, she didn't believe me ...hehehe

Anyway, today I only managed to prank two people. I tried to prank arrow and kiwi...but -sigh- they know me too well. Anyway, Happy April Fools Day!


  1. LOL.. we dont trust anything you say in the months surrounding April xD