April 17, 2008

Ah On's Birthday

Ah~just finished rewatching A Journey Called Life Ep 14! It bought so much smile to my face when I was watching it, especially all the Linda and Steven scenes! OMG, they are so right for each other. Their characters, of course. I remember reading somewhere that Steven isn't Linda's "cup of tea". HAHAHA!

A lot of things have been happening in this episode. Well, first, it's Ah On's birthday in the latter half of the episode. This is one of the luckiest birthday I've ever seen. Ah On gets third place in the marathon; he and GaGa become an official couple; his best friend, Fat Boss, just went through a successful surgery. It must have been his super lucky day.

O man, the scene where Ah On and GaGa visit Fat Boss after the marathon was hilarious. Well, Ah On and GaGa became a couple before they went to visit Fat Boss. And when they got there, Tin Lo notices that GaGa's eyes where red and concludes that she had been crying because she was happy for Ah On for winning third place. It's weird to see GaGa become shy all of a sudden. Fat Boss notices that Ah On and GaGa keep taking secret glances at each other and proceeds to question Ah On by raising his eyebrows. Ah On sees that and answers by signaling a thumbs up.


  1. awwwwwwww <3 i know <3 LOL linda's really pretty in this series too ><; LOL hmms. i like your slider thingie! wow... i hate doing all my screenshots.. they take mad room.. im might steal that one day...

  2. hahaha! Linda Linda Linda! Steven Steven Steven! VOH 2! man, this brings back a lot of memories...and bc of that...i feel so old. HAHA!

    have fun with picture trail!