April 29, 2008

The Death of Spring Break

Finally got my internet back! Wow, I've been gone for almost a week already and now comes the fun part. It's time to catch up on my dramas. At least, I have something to watch now. Usually, I run out of things to watch but not anymore at least not in the next few days. In fact, I've already finished A Journey Called Life and proceeding to start Catch Me Now. I've heard a lot of good things about the new drama and I'm anticipating it very muchie. I especially like the poster for Catch Me Now, very sharp and attractive. Anyways, here's the rating report for last week:

Credits to: TVB

1. A Journey Called Life (Episode 16-20E: 32PTS (Peaking at 36 PTS)

2. Catch Me Now (Episode 1-5): 31PTS (Peaking at 34 PTS)

3. Best Selling Secrets (Episodes 287-291): 27PTS (Peaking at 29 PTS)

April 24, 2008


OH NO NOT AGAIN! I've lost my internet again. It might take another week or two to get it back. Life is so tough. My internet has to go down during spring break. -Sigh- O wells, for now, I will have to count on the library for the wi-fi thingy. What a waste of a break. I need to plan more trips since no internet means nothing to do at home.

Yesterday, I went on a "trip" to the Bronx Zoo with the fruits, a chair, and an arrow. Confusing, eh? HAHAHA! Anyway, I took a lot of pictures of the animals we saw and I'll put them up as soon as I get my internet back. For now, I hope you all enjoy the remaining days left in your spring break! Go out and have some fun in the sun!

April 18, 2008

Linda Chung boasts that she's a fast runner

Translated by: Sammy@ http://coloursoftvb.blogspot.com + http://ronforever.com
Source: on.cc

Yesterday Linda Chung, Fala Chan and Steven Ma participated in a promotion for A Journey called life. One of the activities was to do a running race. Even though jeans and leather boots wasn’t the best choice for Linda, she still did a great job. She said “I didn’t know we had to run, and recently I have been filming for HOG II I didn’t have time to change. After entering the industry I’ve been doing a lot of exercise. I can do track and field events, basketball, volleyball and I can actually run quite fast.

Earlier on Steven Ma went to New Zealand and had many oysters. He put on 2lbs. No wonder he was saying he wanted to loose weight.

Holy Moly! She's running on BOOTS! Isn't dangerous?!?!?! But good job Linda! I love her series, A Journey Called Life! It's sooo good. I totally recommend it to people who want to watch something meaningful and comical. Fat Boss use of random English words are going to be a hit. Soon I'll be calling my friends bad girl and bad boy! HAHAHA!

April 17, 2008

Ah On's Birthday

Ah~just finished rewatching A Journey Called Life Ep 14! It bought so much smile to my face when I was watching it, especially all the Linda and Steven scenes! OMG, they are so right for each other. Their characters, of course. I remember reading somewhere that Steven isn't Linda's "cup of tea". HAHAHA!

A lot of things have been happening in this episode. Well, first, it's Ah On's birthday in the latter half of the episode. This is one of the luckiest birthday I've ever seen. Ah On gets third place in the marathon; he and GaGa become an official couple; his best friend, Fat Boss, just went through a successful surgery. It must have been his super lucky day.

O man, the scene where Ah On and GaGa visit Fat Boss after the marathon was hilarious. Well, Ah On and GaGa became a couple before they went to visit Fat Boss. And when they got there, Tin Lo notices that GaGa's eyes where red and concludes that she had been crying because she was happy for Ah On for winning third place. It's weird to see GaGa become shy all of a sudden. Fat Boss notices that Ah On and GaGa keep taking secret glances at each other and proceeds to question Ah On by raising his eyebrows. Ah On sees that and answers by signaling a thumbs up.

Mr. and Mrs. Sze

April 16, 2008

TVXQ's voices helped a Taiwanese fan who's in coma AWAKE

21 years old Zhuang Xiao Han, is a die-hard fan of Korean famous boyband, TVXQ ( DBSK ) . Last year, she got into an accident and was seriously injured. The doctor announced that she will not be able to live more than 3 days. Zhuang's mum did not give up, she played TVXQ songs 24 hours everyday, and her daughter woke up! Zhuang's mum said, "I really thank TVXQ for letting me see a miracle."

Doctor expresses admiration.

Last year March, around 11pm at night, Zhuang Xiao Han was riding her bike home and got into an accident. She was sent to the Xiao Gang Hospital (小港醫院), doctor said that her head was seriously injured and she will not be able to live more than 3 days.

Zhuang's mum sobs and said, " I know she really likes TVXQ, so I played TVXQ songs everyday, in hope that she will survive. I don't care if she will become a vegetable, as long as she survive." Alas, she survived the 3 days, and was in a coma for 7 months, until one day, she miraculously woke up.

Zhuang's mum smiled and said, "I played TVXQ songs everyday, until the cd player spoilt. When she woke up, the first thing she said to her Dad was, to help her buy TVXQ's new album."

TVXQ will be having a concert at Taipei next month, 10th May 2008. Xiao Han's story spreads around Cassiopeias online. When the organiser of the concert heard of this news, they gave Xiao Han VIP tickets to TVXQ concert, a voucher to stay at Wang Han Hotel (王朝飯店) and a TVXQ album. During the period of her coma, Xiao Han went through a total of 5 operations.

When she received TVXQ Concert tickets, she was so happy and she tried her best to say, "Thank You."

Credits to: Apple News + CassiopeiaHK + capri-shiqi@Soompi
Translation credits to: capri-shiqi@Soompi

Now this is what I call a miracle.

April 14, 2008

Raymond Lam gives Linda Chung a Birthday Kiss

Translated by: Sammy@http://ronforever.com + http://coloursoftvb.blogspot.com
Source: On.cc
Date: 15/04/2008

Rumoured couple Raymond Lam and Linda Chung, attended a function yesterday, and was forced by the Tavia Yeung to kiss. She made Raymond kiss Linda, leaving the two feeling extremely awkward, but in the end Raymond only kissed Linda on the Ear.

HOG II crew was all there including, Lei Si Kei, Susanna Kwan, Ha Yu, Moses Chan, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Kate Tsui, Fala Chan and Bosco Wong all participated in a birthday function. In April and May Moses,Linda and Susanna will be celebrating their birthday. That day, they made Raymond Lam kiss Linda after Bosco gave Linda flowers. Bosco said he couldn’t give her a kiss because he was sick, so they asked Raymond to kiss Linda. In the end Raymond only kissed her ear. Tavia then shouted “Raymond, you have to take us out for a meal!”

Friends SMS to wish Linda Happy Birthday

Afterwards, the rumoured couple expressed themselves. Linda Said “Raymond’s kiss felt a little awkward since so many people were watching us, but I was really happy because so many celebrated my birthday with me. (Did Raymond give you a birthday present?) We are all friends so there is no need for a present, but many people SMS me to wish me Happy Birthday. Raymond Said “I have thin skin, so it felt really awkward. (Did Tavia’s words make you kiss her?) No, you’ve got it all wrong. It’s a typical girl-boy thing, and if it was me I would say that too!”

Moses will be happy with a lolly as his present
Moses Chan is celebrating his birthday on the 16th of April . He expressed that he will be working that day. Asked if he had made a date, to go out with Bernice, he shaked his head and said “No, When filming, it is very hard to find time. A phrase “Happy Birthday” is enough. (What did Bernice previously send to you?) A hand made cake. (What about this year?) Anything will do 10 mosquito papers?!? Or one lolly will make me happy.

AHHHHAAAHAHAHAA! OoooO, Linda is one lucky girl. Hehehe. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR LINDA! I wish you good health and hope all your series have awesome ratings and that your acting will go reach a newer and higher level. O shoot, I was so busy april fooling other people that I forgot to do my monthly birthday list...

TVB Ratings Report (07/04/2008 - 13/04/2008)

Credit: http://tvbchinesenews.blogspot.com

TVB Ratings Report (07/04/2008 - 13/04/2008)

1. D.I.E. (EPS 16 - 20) - 34 PTS

2. A Journey Called Life (EPS 06 - 10) - 29 PTS

3. Best Selling Secrets (EPS 276 - 280) - 28 PTS

* Note: Above the reception of TV preliminary statistical result, is possible and the official reception of TV has 1 point to receive the viewpoint the error, only supplies the reference.

Cheers! D.I.E's ratings have been very very strong since its release, 4 weeks ago. It's a very entertaining series! A Journey Called Life...I hope it doesn't follow "The Seventh Day" rating path. It went up a point...that's okay for now. Hopefully the ratings reach the 30s and beyond.

April 10, 2008

Fahrenheit September Tours 7 Chinese Cities

Fahrenheit and S. Korea's Super Junior compete for good looking guys. Photo credits HIM

Translated by Cmiley
(Please credit or link if this is posted elsewhere)

Fahrenheit in the next half a year will be fully charging for their music career, coming up they and SHE together will be do a concert tour in 7 cities in China, and will also hope to do it Taiwan, the night before they also competed their dance skills with S Korean idol group Super Junior.

Since Fahrenheit produced their album "Double face Fahrenheit" last year, ever since they've been busy filming dramas, until recently they have started to do album functions, yesterday in Beijing they announced that the next half year they'll be focusing on music, having to work with their senior sisters SHE; from Sep to Nov in the mainland cities Luhu & Haote, Chinan, Zhengzhou, Fuzhou, Hangzhou, Taiyuan and Shenzhen and others 7 cities to perform a concert, at the moment they're also planning to sing in Taiwan, but time and location hasn't been decided yet.

Fahrenheit the night before arrived in Beijing for "Music Charts", the local organizers specially requested a special airport vip corridor so Fahrenheit can exit immediately into a car to leave to avoid delay from overly passionate fans at the airport, but because Aaron was walking too fast, this lead to recurrence of his knee injury Jiro without asking helped him while walking. The four were forced to stay in the hotel in Beijing, they were only able to make requests with the staff to help them by Peking Duck to try the "Peking taste".

At the "Music Charts", Fahrenheit first helped SHE accept "Most Popular Group Award", themselves they also received "Years Improvement Award". Behind the stage Fahrenheit and S. Korea's pretty boys Super Junior met, both have also heard of each other's names, Fahrenheit also took the chance to ask about their dance skills, hoping at their own concert they can sing and dance at the same time.

Whoas! The people on the left look so triaddd. They all dress in black from top to bottom to top. And why are there so many thumbs-up hands? Hmmm...I know...they're getting ready to play Seven Up! HAHAHAA! FAHRENHEIT! Arron looks really handsome with his white suit and black bow tie but those orange-y shoes look out of place! Jiro looks like he just came back from horse riding and Wu Chun looks like a business man. HAHAHA!

oOo...maybe we'll see a Fahrenheit that dances and sings in the future. Fahrenheit and their live singing...um...I would stay away from that for now. Hehehe! Well I'm glad that they're focusing more on their music career in the remaining half of this year. I rather see them improve their singing and dancing skills than see them in dramas.

April 09, 2008

Laptop spoilt, Wu Zun fears topless pics leak, dare not send for repair

Note: Please credit fishybizness of CEFC for translation of article and do not edit any parts of this article. Please quote this translated article (including this note) in its entirety. Thank you for your co-operation.

Credit to fishybizness of CEFC

WZ loves to take self-shots, his laptop also contains secrets that cannot be told!

Wu Zun's notebook monitor malfunctioned recently, the replacement parts would need about 2 months to ship over, he has already strictly requested that when sending his laptop in for repairs, his management company staff would scrutinise the entire repair process of the computer company, to prevent pictures from leaking out.

Calvin striptease, hilarious actions

Just what is the secret hidden in his laptop? Wu Zun said laughingly, "It's still ok lah, the most are pictures of me topless." So Wu Zun also loves to take self-shots.

However he also revealed, his laptop also contains interesting images of other people, that is Calvin's striptease video clip, he said, he wasn't really stripping, but his movements were very funny, it wouldn't be good if it leaked out and was seen by other people.

As the computer part would require 2 months to arrive, he being a computer addict did not care about the luggage weight restrictions, when going to China to film Butterfly Lovers, would also bring along a desktop LCD monitor to China, to connect to his laptop. He said, this was nothing, he had even prepared a luggage full of snacks to film, to satisfy his cravings.

Practising swordplay on the roof, auntie applaud and shout bravo

Wu Zun said, last week he went to Shanghai to train martial arts for Butterfly Lovers, he learnt an entire swordplay sequence, but as a result of having to do the horse stance continuously, now his waist and bum were very sore, when he returned to Taipei and was practising his swordplay on the top floor of his place, he was seen by his auntie neighbour, she even applauded him, gave him a sense of accomplishment.

source: http://www.libertytimes.com.tw/2008/new/ap...today-show2.htm

-GASP- First it was the Edison sex scandal. Then it was NY's very own Governor Spitizer's call girl scandal. And now we have the Calvin "striptease video clip". What a great way to start off the new year... Well, maybe this isn't as serious as the first two! -Sigh- Life is tough.

oOo...Wu Chun is a computer addict! Bringing a LCD monitor with him...that monitor is heavy and he tugs it around! He is one of the most weirdest person I've read about. He sure loves his laptop a lot. If one day, he had to choose between his laptop and food, which will he choose? Hmmm...

April 08, 2008

Wu Chun's Post - Cherish

Pic credit to Wu Chun

You can go here to read his new post! It's in English!

I've read this post twice and all I can make of it is food. He's always talking about food! HAHAHA! He sure loves food a lot! Talking about food, I wonder if he has ever tried a parfait before...I think he should take a trip to New York City and try out that Japanese cafe that serves parfait! OMG, it's sooo good! Parfait is a dessert, a healthy dessert with some sweetness to it. It's served in a tall glass and layered with different fruits. At the top is a scoop of ice cream with some kind of cherry or berry on top. Oh man, talking about it makes me want to go to that place and order it again.

And OMG, US is airing HanaKimi!!! OMG! That's a wonder...I wonder what channel it's on. Probably on cable or something. Would it English subbed? Hmm, I would love to watch it again.

And finally, here comes his quote:
"Life is not about how hard you can hit.
Life is about how much you can get hit and moving forward!"
Always do your best and Never Give Up!"

That quote reminds me of Bull Fighting...Hebe and her Never Give up Spirit!

April 06, 2008

A Life Called Journey

I am officially addicted to this themesong and this series. Linda Chung is amazing in here! This role is totally different from all her other "innocent" image roles. Starting from the outside, she's got tattoos, purple hair dye and super short shorts. This character she plays is very vulgar, rebellious, and pretty smart too. But that is all just her outer shell, a fence as Metal would call it. As this series progress, I'm 100% sure that we'll see more of her inner shell.

Linda Chung and Steven Ma reunite in this series! YAY! Linda's first drama with TVB was Virtues of Harmony 2 and in there she played the character, Michelle who eventually falls for Steven's character, Ivan Sze. Ha~ in the end they marry! And Michelle becomes Mrs. Sze! And now they meet once again in the new series, A Life Called Journey with Linda as Ms. Sze Ga Ga. See, she even bought Ivan's surname with her into this series! HAHA! JKJK!

Super Trio Supreme Part 2

I don't think it's funny, the way I write about this game show. I think it's better off if you watch the real thing instead of read about it. So here are the links! I hope you all have fun laughing your head off. Hahaha!

Super Trio Supreme: Introduction
Super Trio Supreme: Sandwich Ball/Card Kissing
Super Trio Supreme: Dance Marathon
Super Trio Supreme: Q and A
Super Trio Supreme: Human Tetris: Must Watch
Super Trio Supreme: Human Tetris: Must Watch Charmaine!

April 04, 2008

Return of Super Trio Part I

AH! It's back! Super Trio is back. This time it comes back with two new members! Louis Yuen and Wong Cho Lam. Ah~the first episode was really funny!!! The hosts were Eric Tsang, Chin Kar Lok, Louis Yuen and Wong Cho Lam. And the guests were Krystal Tin, Bosco Wong, Cutie Mei, Johnny Tang, Charmaine Sheh, and Michael Miu.

The first game they played was pretty weird and funny! The game requires one guy and one girl. The girl has a strip of paper wrapped around her stomach area and she has to run and stand on the guy's legs. Then she rips the paper off revealing a math problem and the guy has to solve it.

Wong Cho Lam and Eric Tsang doing a "foul" demonstration of the game.

Charmaine and Michael successfully completes the task.

Cutie Mei and Johnny Tang failed.

They are the only other team to pass the round.

The second game they played was something like sandwich the ball which also required two players. One player bounces the ball and then the two of them spin once and try to "sandwich" the ball with their bodies and not let it drop to the floor.

They are successfully for one second only.

Michael is really having a lot of fun on this show!

Bad Michael! That's a bit too close!

A Glance at Stuff

A Cherry Tree at Columbus Park in NYC.

The Verranzano-Narrows Bridge in Brooklyn on a foggy day.

A Glimpse at the Brooklyn Bridge near sunset.

Sometimes it helps to stop and look around you. What you see may surprise you. Everyday, you might be rushing by these places but never really took the chance to appreciate them. So if you ever have feel bored at home, go out and breathe some fresh air and observe everything around you. It's a good stress reliever.

April 03, 2008

Fahrenheit official website; Arron Yan got left out

Fahrenheit international official website is opening soon, Wu Chun, Jiro Wang, Calvin Chen, Arron Yan took new pictures for the website, each of them standing in a corner, but their body look different, especially Arron Yan, he looks really small on the picture, you can't see his picture clearly, causing the talk of "leaving Arron out", Manager company Comic Co. answered "actually its the problem of the background picture"

Four of them standing front and back, not leaving Arron out

Chun, Jiro, Calvin and Arron have no problem standing in a straight line, but because they have to match the background picture, which is a city, four of them have to separate from they are standing. Comic said, because of trying to get the right position, four of them tried standing, ducking, tried many ways, found out the best is one person in front, and one person at the back, there was no meaning of leaving Arron out.

Official website will open soon, Fahrenheit will be using BBS system, [Translator: I think BBS system is a system that draw random members? I'm not sure, purely guessing] and communicate with their fans right away. Jiro and Arron both said " We will only answer question that is appropriate." If fans ask question like " Can you come to my home " those are not allowed.

Chun likes to eat, and he likes to put pictures of them in his blog too, after the official site is open, he is gonna put pictures in there and introduce his food. Calvin didn't show up in public a lot lately, because the fans miss him, they always wait for him in his building, and his mailbox is stuffed of fans letters, making him very annoyed, he is hoping if the fans want to talk to him, they can meet him on the site.

Translated By: Choco_Jiro* @ asianfanatics.net
source : www.libertytimes.com.tw

OMG! Fahrenheit has an official website now! Isn't awesome! Well not really because the site takes a pretty long time to load and you have to pay a membership fee to join the fanclub there. Other than that, you could view Fahrenheit news, drama, etc. I think you'll get a better idea when you actually visit the website. I spotted a really cool thing on their site. You could view their website in three different languages: Chinese, English, and Japanese.

April 01, 2008

April Fools Day!

Happy April Fools! I'm sure most of you have either been a victim of April Fools or an April Foolian. And if you don't know what an April Foolian is, don't even bother to google it, because it's just a word I made up. I should really write my own dictionary...hehehe. Anyway, an April foolian is just someone who promotes April Fools Day by playing innocuous pranks on others. I am definitely an April Foolian. hehe. So how was your April Fools Day? Got pranked or got pranks!

April Fools Day is my favorite day of the year! Over the years, I have pranked many of my friends and now the consequence is that they don't trust anything I say on April Fools Day which is smart. It was so funny yesterday because on my AIM profile I put up a checklist of equipments for April Fools Day and then one of my friends IMed me and said, "STAY AWAY FROM ME TOMO!" She was scared that I was going to prank her which I did..and unfortunately, she didn't believe me ...hehehe

Anyway, today I only managed to prank two people. I tried to prank arrow and kiwi...but -sigh- they know me too well. Anyway, Happy April Fools Day!