March 14, 2008


New TVB show that came out recently with Roger Kwok, Sonija Kwok, Kenneth Ma and others. To read more about the show , go here! So far, I'm really enjoying this show. All those police captains threw their useless and weird members to a "dead" department called D.I.E. This is one cool department made of weirdos. I'm definitely going to join this department!

Introducing the members of D(eath).I(nvestigation).E(xtension)

Every department has to have the SMART ONE. Without this dude, the whole team is rendered inefficient because most if not all the cases are solved because of this dude.

Name: Yu Tze Long
Nickname: Smart Weird Guy
Specialty: Has the power to communicate with the dead
Weirdness: Whenever he touches something that belongs to the dead, he falls asleep and in his dreams the dead send images to help him solve cases.
Additional Notes: He usually reads manga at work.

Name: Ying Jing Jing
Nickname: Tomboy
Specialty: Undetermined
Weirdness: She's an aggressive woman so don't get too close to her.

Name: Zhang Jing Ye
Nickname: Bruce Lee #2/Justice
Specialty: Martial Arts master
Weirdness: His idol is Mr.Bruce Lee so sometimes he dresses up like Mr.Bruce Lee.
Notes: He and Niki have one thing in common: They both like lollipops.

Name: Pang Mei Wen
Nickname: Beautiful Person
Specialty: Super Paparazzi/Skilled Researcher
Weirdness: She's is totally obsessed with hot guys in the police force.
Note: She even has her own hierarchy of hot guys. Kenneth Ma is rated the Gem of all gem on her hierarchy.

Name: Tze Siu Feng
Nickname: Siu Feng Ze
Specialty: Undiscovered
Weirdness: He faints upon seeing blood and hearing the word blood.
Note: It's ep 6 and this guy fainted at least 3 times already...

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