March 22, 2008

Ti Amo MV

One word. Disappointed! This MV looks very plain, nothing really stands out here except for the scene where Arron plays the piano. That was pretty cool but then the rest of the MV was dull. Very Disappointed! And the girl in the MV ...her name is Jade Liu...her hair reminds me of Wu Chun. Heheheheee!

On a happier note, for those of you who have watched My Lucky Star, my good friend, Arrow has a really good post up on this drama. For those of you who haven't watched this drama, I highly recommend it!


  1. i like how there's so many heart-ed objects =x don't like the song though.

  2. sorry, i like the song but not the mv...hehehe!

  3. I love all the stock image shots =) They were so pretty.
    It is plain but I think that's how all of Fahrenheit's videos are nowadays sadly. T_T If anything, they did a lot of shots of Jade just to promote her.

    Any video with Arron in it is good =) *is too obsessed*