March 03, 2008

Ratings Report (25/02/2008 - 02/03/2008)

* Note: Above the reception of TV preliminary statistical result, is possible and the official reception of TV has 1 point to receive the viewpoint the error, only supplies the reference.

* Please give a proper credit to TVB Chinese News Collection if reposted.

1. Best Selling Secrets (EPS 246 - 250) - 29 PTS

2. The Master Of Tai Chi (EPS 01 - 05) - 28 PTS

3. The Seventh Day (EPS 05 - 09) - 27 PTS

Oi, surprise surprise! Best Selling Secrets at the top of the ratings this week! I guess people on the other side of the world don't like The Seventh Day. It's the second week and it still hasn't gone up. On the bright side, it hasn't gone down. As for Tai Chi, i have no comment because I have not watched it yet...I don't know if I will watch it looks...uninteresting...

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