March 02, 2008

March Birthdays

Happy birthday March-ers! Special Happy Birthday shout out to Betty(March 2), Wilbert(March 3), Jacqueline(March 6), Sandy(March 10), Ronald(March 13), Maliha(March 29),Toni(March 30), Khaled(March 30)!

Edit: All Pics credit to asianfanatics galleries

March 2: Sheren Tang

March 9: Ronald Cheng

March 20: Maggie Cheung

March 22: Yoo Ha Na(right side)

March 23: Edwin Siu

March 30: Hebe Tian

March 31: Bondy Chiu


  1. AH! MAR 22. i'll post my post on MLS because it's her bday<3 I LOVE HER<3 hahahs <3
    bondy.. i thought she was really pretty ><; but she's old XD and she never went popular even though she's an artist.. only known time was like.. when she was in virtues of harmony XD

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