March 17, 2008

Jiro Tired From Rushed Filming ~ Crashes into Safety Traffic Island Going Home

Source: UDN
Translated by Cmiley (Please Credit or Link if this will be posted elsewhere)

Jiro Wang famous as a thrifty, recent he has been taking a taxi to get to work, with helpless look on face, he said: "I feel really heart aching, it's because of lack of sleep, vitality not well, and earlier while riding the scooter bike home I crashed into a traffic safety island, my mother won't let me ride it now!

"Fan Gun Ba! Dan Chao Fan/Rolling Love" is crazily rushed in filming, he only sleeps about 2 hours in a day, earlier after work while riding home, would doze off once stopping at a red light, each day have to awakened by horns. After riding into a traffic island this has awakened his senses that it's too dangerous, he said: "Luckily getting off work is middle of the night about 2 or 3 am, there's no cars, I wasn't going fast when I crashed in to the traffic island, it was only minor injuries, but my mom was scared to death, so it's a good idea to not let her worry."

Jiro really likes to ride, but even though he doesn't have enough to buy a heavy duty bike, he rides a scooter, the work crews exposed saying, if they run into fans visiting the set, after work he might perform a bit of simple biking techniques and skills, at one time they were infront of a municipal government building, he played coolness and circled, the fans were so happy; screaming loudly.

After the incident Jiro thought seriously, if he should get a car for transportation, but he said: "Gas cost, parking fees, maintenance and license all adds up, and you can't sleep in the car, it's more economical to just take a taxi." And he also only takes the early morning morning ride route from home to the filming set, after getting of work he would rather wait until all crew is finished work to get a ride, saving money is still the highest principle.

I agree! Saving money is a high priority! Must save money for a trip with kiwi to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, SOUTH Korea, and...there were some that I can't seem to remember at this moment. Hehehe! Anyway, Jiro needs to be more careful on that scooter bike and he needs to get more sleep! I can't imagine myself sleeping for only two hours...I'll probably just start sleeping while standing...