March 10, 2008

Food Glorious Food

Here's some food pics that I just want to share with everyone:

Okay, these first few pictures were from my cousin's wedding. The food was delicious.

This was not served at my cousin's wedding. This is a burger from Outback Steak House.

oOo...a happy face made from food glorious food.

Kiwi the fruit chopped by arrow. Yummy Yummy!

This is what happens when you're bored...

That's cheesecake with blood....

OMA, it's parfait!!!! Awesome! Delicious! Favorite Dessert!

My birthday cake bought by kiwi and arrow.

Aw, my friend's one year old birthday cake! JK, kiwi is 18 now.

oOo, our omelet with curry at the parfait place! It was gooood.

oOo, this is what happens when you fill your plate with fruits at a buffet.

oooo, our fruit platter at the parfait place which cost 15 bucks! Expensive!

Yepp, that's all the pictures for now! Special thanks to kiwi, arrow, fangirl, and jacky for another wonderful day today!!! And Happy 18th birthday KIWI!!! And enjoy your vacation too!!!


  1. wow... the currry thing has no color =[ damn camera no battery -.-'
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KIWI<3 maybe i should write that on HER blog hahahs

  2. o sorry! i wont forget next time! for sure!

    -watermelon taichi promise-

  3. LOL wth's a watermelon taichi promise? -.- i think fangirls starting to influence our celsius

    omg freakin love you girl >.<

    pics are awesome :]

    now go post them on facebook, and dont forget to tag everybody hahahaha and make sure you include these pics too :D


  4. why does the omelet looks so dark?! charge ur battery next time