March 02, 2008

Esther Kwan blows off "Best Selling Secrets": She leaves the series

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Source: The Sun

Esther Kwan blows off "Best Selling Secrets": She leaves the series

Esther Kwan the female lead of TVB's sitcom "Best Selling Secrets" unexpectedly decided to quit! The entire crew also feels its very sudden and also rumored that she has another baby for her reason to quit.

The 24/7 mother Esther Kwan has always worried about her daughter, always do everything first for her daughter, therefore she does not meet up with cast members very much. But, before CNY she suddenly wanted to have a dinner reunion with the BSS crew, afterwards, it was revealed that the script has changed and the character Wong Ka Lam will be taken out and leave for a long vacation. Everyone feels that the dinner reunion was actually the farewell dinner!

The other cast members has often tried to test Esther and see what was the real reason why she took off, but she did not say anything, only that she is only taking a 2 month break. She admits that after her break is over, she would return to filming. Although the cast said that because she is pregnant so she decided to quit, however the truth is not that! Because Esther and Nick are both working at the same time, she is worried that no one will be able to take care of her daughter, also she hopes to have another baby, and so she decides to stop working. So, taking a long break is just an excuse, she will not be returning to the BSS crew!

"Best"'s producer Mr. Lo (羅鎮岳) admits that Esther's parts will be finished first, before she leaves for a long vacation and other all parts related to Esther will finish broadcasting at the end of this month (March). He denies that its because she does not care and just leave, its because she needs to take care of her daughter. She has once suggested to proceed, but was not successful. Mr. Lo strongly emphaizes that the series will not be affected. He has confidence that it will maintain its quality, because there are many themes in the series and also added many different cast members such as Wong He and Suki Chui, etc.

Nick Cheung: She wants to take care of daughter
The media has tried to contact Esther Kwan, but she has not responded yet. Nick Cheung accepted the interview and denied that his wife is pregnant, she's not filming series because she wants to take care of her daughter and give her the most attention. She hopes to spend the time with her daughter as she grows up, but he admits that they do want to have another baby. Asked if he will film a series with TVB, he expresses that he will have a look at the scripts first before deciding.

AHH~NOOO!!! BSS without Esther is like peanut butter jelly sandwich without the jelly...ok so that was a bad analogy...but one of the reason I continued to watch BSS was because of Esther...ah~this is way too sudden...sniff sniff.

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