March 19, 2008

Dead Zombie in the Morning

The new marking period just started on Monday which means report card time next week! I'm really only worried about one class tho...and that's gym. I think it's a horrible idea to have gym first period. In my eyes, gym is just a chill class; you just relax and go crazy running around(track), shooting hoops(basketball), kicking other people's feet(soccer), knocking someone out with a ball(volleyball), etc. Sadly, I have gym first period so it's no longer the chill class. Instead, it's now the scissor class (implies cutting class) because I can't wake up in time for it. Last marking period I scissored gym class 4 times which doesn't seem like a lot but it is when gym class is only three times a week. I seriously need something to wake me up in the morning.

Maybe this following video would help. I have all the materials except for the motorized water gun. I don't think I've seen a motorized gun before...

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  1. hey u want me to give u morning calls?