March 29, 2008

Coming out of the mountains

These last few days, I haven't been blogging because of these reasons:
1) Busy with schoolwork
2) Work Work and more Work
3) Needed some time to relax after receiving my "not-so-good" report card
4) A computer architecture project
5) Laziness took over for a few days...

That failing grade in gym was a killer even though I had expected it. Anyway, to calm myself down and to celebrate two friends' birthdays, I went to parfait place again! Wow, that Friday(which was yesterday) was really fun! The regular people that I usually parfait with were there except for one for escaped to a state on the other end of the US. Well, that day I actually went back to the same parfait place twice. The first time was with Watermelon, Strawberry, and the two friends. Then we went to send one friend and Strawberry to work. Afterwards, the remaining three of us (a friend, Watermelon, Celsius) went back to the parfait place to eat again, except this time, there were two more people (another friend and Calories).

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