March 09, 2008

Chun Jokes About Calvin Being Jealous; Became Show Luo's 'Girlfriend'

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Chun and Show (Xiao Zhu) have become good friends due to their upcoming drama 'Hot Shot'. A while ago on the internet, Show used the term 'girlfriend' to name Chun and even uploaded intimate photos of the two. When the fans heard of this, they were not happy. On the Fahrenheit forum on the HIM website, fans posted: "How can Show cut into Chun and Calvin, they are a pair," making both Calvin and Chun amused. Yesterday when Chun and Calvin arrived at Malaysia to promote Romantic Princess, Calvin joked about being unhappy with Show Luo calling him his girlfriend.

Show wrote, "My Girlfriend Exposed La!" making Chun the said girlfriend. When Chun was asked about this, he replied, "I'm fine with it, but Calvin is jealous, so he hasn't been talking to me since that day." He even pretended to kiss Calvin, jokingly saying that they are a pair. Chun said that young people playfully hitting each other are good friends, and humorously said, "If its true, then Xiao Zhu should be
my girlfriend."

When asked about rumors of him and Gillian Chung collaborating on the new movie, 武俠梁祝 (T/N: I actually think the article asked if he rejected the role or something.) He replied he wasn't sure and the company did not talk to him about it. Does he want to act with Gillian Chung or Charlene Choi? Chun said, as long as the script is good, it does not matter who he works with.

O what...Chun and Calvin are a pair?!?!?! I never knew that...i guess Show "stole" Chun from Calvin! HAHAHAHAHA! Hmmm, i agree with him, it doesn't matter who the female lead is as long as Wu Chun is in it. Hehehe

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