March 23, 2008

Case Closed: TSD

Ah~ finally finished with this highly anticipated drama. It was good not great but just good. I am a bit disappointed though. First, the ratings for this drama was not high. In fact, the ratings were stuck at 28 points with the exception of the very last episode which almost reached 35 points.

Possible Reasons for Low Ratings:
1) Bosco's hair! Although, this was better than his hair style in WOIL2, it looks really bad when compared to Kevin's hair.

2) Slow Storyline! The first 10 episodes were pretty slow and then the last 10 episodes made me cry. -sniff sniff-

3) DDMK/Three J! DDMK was Bosco's group of boyfriends and Three J was Natalie's group of girlfriends. Sometimes they can be annoying and other times, they're pretty funny.

4) Bosco + Natalie pair! Their storyline in the first few episodes were annoying. I only started to like watching this pair when they started to "fake-date".

5) Kevin + Niki pair! This is their third series together so it makes sense that some people might find this pair boring since people are often after the "new" stuff. I really like this pair though!

Second, what happen to the scenery! I thought they were going to show some really nice sceneries of Japan. All I really saw were the snow, the red bridge, and the temple. But this show has some pretty good pictures of that bridge in Hong Kong. I forgot the name of the bridge but it was really pretty. I remember seeing it when Kevin and Niki were at the beach at night and they exchange gifts. The bridge was in the background and it was all lit and stuff. Really Pretty!

Third, what happen to Jack in the last 10 episodes! There's not a lot of scenes with Jack after episode 9. Aw, it was so sad at the end, when Niki used her cell phone to talk to Jack! -sniff sniff-


  1. That Bridge in HK is called Ching Ma Bridge =] I m up to episode 2 again =.='''

  2. o0o i like this post :D

    good analysis of everything and good possible reasons why the ratings were bad.. bosco's hair lol -.-

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