March 14, 2008

Bull Fighting Episode Summaries

Not much fuzz about Bull Fighting after the feather scene in ep 13. That feather scene was the best! It never fails to bring a smile on my face every time I rewatch it. I must have watched that one scene at least 5 times already! Hehehe. Now that all the hype over the feather scene is over, what's left in the remaining episodes of Bull Fighting? Here's a condensed summary of episodes 14-15. Hopefully, I'll have the brainpower to do a special post on the last episode.

Qian Na runs away from home. No, actually, she drives away from home. Then she gets a flat tire. And then she accidentally locked herself out of her car because she went to check the tire and the car door locked itself. She tries to flag down another car for help but in the process she fell and broke her boots. What a unlucky day for her! She calls Lee Wei for help and of course, being the gangster he is, he comes right away. And then you know, they get an inch closer together in terms of feelings.

Mike lies unconsciously on Hebe's bed and Hebe stays at his side and yells at him for not waking up. And then she suddenly develops this crazy plan to make mike fall crazily in love with her when he wakes up. Her plan was to hypnotize him while he's asleep. My reaction: dot dot dot. After a while she got tired and decides to tell him what she had wanted to say for a very very long time. But she can't tell him face to face even when he's unconscious so she turns around and says it. Little does she know that he had already woken up and was silently listening to her innermost thoughts.

Mike brings Hebe to the basketball place on 13th street. the place of the infamous feather scene. He's evil! Mike's evil! He plays a trick on Hebe! He makes her believe that he's ending their relationship and of course she wouldn't accept it and demands another basketball match. All she needs to do is score one basket. oOo guess what she does. She goes off somewhere and comes back with a ladder. She sets up the ladder near the basket and then picks up the basketball and walks up the ladder. She's about to throw the basketball into the basket when the ladder suddenly falls. luckily, she hands onto the rims and refuses to let go. Mike shouts at her and finally tells her that she is already in his heart. And then they play basketball.

Mike's no good daddy goes to Hebe's house to look for his son. And then Mike's no good daddy has a verbal fight with Hebe's super good daddy. Guess who wins? That answer is in the next episode!

Bull Fighting Episode 15

Hebe and Mike rush back to Hebe's house after learning that mike's father was there. Mike's father tells H's father that Hebe is in the way of Mike's future. She will only ruin mike's career so he claims. NOOO! Nobody talks to my Hebe like that!!! ROARRR! Mike finally can't take it anymore and comes out to yell back at his father. In the end, mike's father is kicked out of the house after mike refuses to leave with him.

Lee Wei and Qian Na.well her no good mommy is going after her now. Apparently, her mother's plan was to send both Qian Na and Mike to japan to get married. Well, the banker(also QN's mom) comes to pick up her daughter who stubbornly refuses to leave. The banker orders her men forcefully drag Qian Na into the car. Lee Wei is there witnessing all this but doesn't do anything because he's torn emotionally between Hebe and Qian Na. He finally decides to go after Qian Na. He "borrows" someone's motorbike and drives after the car. While he is chasing after the car, this random guy with an open box of balls of all sizes starts to cross the street and he accidentally slips and all the ball fall into the street. Lee Wei cant brake in time and his motorbike slips on the balls. Qian Na sees the accident and immediately flies out of the car and runs to Lee Wei. Well, Lee Wei is fine with only some minor scratches. He asks her to stay with him but she decides that it's best to leave him to protect him from her mother.

Mike's father calls Hebe and they have a little talk. OMA, i hate this guy. He uses her guilty conscious to make her give up on mike. he doesn't believe that their love will last long and that it's only a waste of time. He challenges her to prove that their love is real. well the only test for love is the test of time.


  1. thanks for this.. the episodes uploaded in crunchyroll and mysoju are up to ep 14 only. i tried to look for ep 15 but only came up with the youtube clips which doesn't have english subs and i couldn't understand a thing. i have to rely on their body language and tones.. ah... i want to finish this series soon..

    also i loved the feather scene ;-)


  2. hey elaine!
    i finally know your name! Hehehe!
    o if you really want to know what they are saying, i know a place that translates each episode to english. so far they just finished translating ep 15.

    here's the link!