March 23, 2008

Bull Fighting Episode 16 Summary

Hebe and Mike decide to run away from everything. 13th Street. Hebe's family. Mike's family. Their friends. However, Mike doesn't know that Hebe plans to send Mike back to his father. They get on the train and start talking about their new life. Mike says that they'll live in a grass house and everyday he'll give Hebe a banana to eat. Why? Because the symbol of Hebe in this drama is a monkey and monkies eat bananas. Hehehe! Anyway, once they arrive at their destination Mike sees his father (+henchmen) waiting there. Hebe lets go of Mike's hand and sadly tells him to go back to his father. Mike fights back with her and demands a reason for letting him go. She tells him that he doesn't suit her but can't give an example of why he doesn't suit her. Finally, Mike gives up and goes back to his father. Meanwhile, Hebe cries at all the mean things she had just said. She calls Lee Wei to pick her up.

Mike is in the car thinking about everything. Suddenly, he wants to go back to the train station because Hebe told him earlier to go back there to look at something. He finds the monkey the Hebe left there earlier along with some message written on the blackboard. Yes! There's a blackboard at the train station! I have no idea why though...

Blackboard message:
Shen Rou He
I Wait You
1) Take care of your dad. His health is not great.
2) Go see your grandma. She misses you.
3) Keep trying to find a solution to your company's problem.
4) Don't forget. I love you.
5) Sorry. Bye-Bye!

So la~di~da, Mike gets her message and becomes friendly with his dad again. They decide to solve the company's problem on their own instead of counting on the banker for help.

Back at Hebe's house, Lee Wei refuses to go into the house because he doesn't know how to face Hebe's father. Now let's back track a bit. Lee Wei was an orphan that got saved by Hebe's father. So he's been living with Hebe and her father for a good 10 or 15 years (estimate). But then a few episodes ago, Lee Wei finds out that his biological father was with Hebe's father when he died. So he thinks that Hebe's father killed his father. But that's not what happened and blah blah~too lazy to explain further. Anyway, Hebe's father knows that Lee Wei is outside and won't come in and so he puts on an act and pretends that he's going to hit Hebe with the stick. This forces Lee Wei to come and protect Hebe. Heheheeee. Hebe's father and Lee Wei have a little man-to-man talk and then they decide to recognize each other as father and son.

Yippee! It's bbq time at Hebe's home. They're all pretending to have a good time because they know the situation between Hebe and Mike. However, Hebe knows and puts on a mask to assure them that she's alright. She gives a very encouraging speech. -sniff sniff-

Mike's father: ...I want to remind you that this might happen. Once that time comes, we'll have nothing. Even you and yi shen xue won't be able to be together.

Mike: I know.

Mike's father: Of course, if you go find yi shen xue now then there might still be a chance.

Mike: Don't worry. I won't leave. Ever since I saw her message, whether I see her or not is no longer important.

Mike's father: Why?

Mike: Don't you see? Even though her writing on the blackboard looks jumble-mumble(i made this up...), it's really simple. She's telling me a very basic lesson. If a family is full of love, then it also has strong support. Take her for an example. She's not scared of losing because she always has everything. And ever since I was young, I knew obedience, i knew hard work, but I never went to love my family. Never cared about you. Cared about grandma. Compared to her, I'm much weaker. Dad, even if we lose everything now, I will be by your side and start over again with you.

They arrive back at the company and face a sea of protesters and angry stockholders. The protesters start to throw eggs at them and Mike stands in front of his father to protect him from the flying eggs. well, they have 24 hours to save the company. Can they do it? The future of the company looks pretty dim. Mike goes to talk to other bankers to see if he can borrow money from them. And it all results in FAILURE!

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  1. This scene is really touch because it shows how love can be.They can feel each other.Also, they can understand each other even though both of them don't have to say a word.I love this movie.Love Mike He and Hebe