March 12, 2008

Arron Quote Time

Pic from AsianFanatics
Quote from Fahrenheit Globa1 FanClub

It's time to learn about another Arron quote. "Being angry is using matters other people made mistakes in to punish yourself".

Why did I choose this quote? Because I was on flaming FIRE today. I won't go into much details about what happened but I was really really flaming. I felt like one of those dragon ball z characters going through transformation except my hair didn't change color. This quote from Arron made me calm down a bit but I'm still mad. Usually, I don't stay mad for long.

There's one part of the quote that I disagree with. The part that goes "...using matters other people made mistakes in..." By being angry, I'm punishing myself because I made a mistake not because somebody else made it. I made the mistake! I should not have relied heavily on this person! Trust points for this person is slowly diminishing...

Okay, that's enough flaming. Time for watermelon taichi to cool off...


  1. I think the part that says "..using matters other people made mistakes in..." refers to when people do unkind things that make you angry... ya kno :] But sometimes, ya get angry when you make a mistake yourself too so ya, I guess the thing has a double meaning behind it o:

  2. yea right Celsius. I finally come to leave a comment on ur blog!!!!