February 07, 2008

Wu Chun's CNY Post


OMG, Wu Chun and his funny looking decorated CNY oranges! Ah ~ he is quite kawaii in that photo except for his hair. I think he has too much hair in the front but he still looks quite suave.

His lovely lesson of the day: "Never lose hope. If you believe in something or you want to achieve something, Never give up because there is always a chance as long as your heart doesn't stop pounding!".

This quote reminds me of Hebe in Bull Fighting. She never gave up on Mike. Ah~ those memories...man, I wish Sunday would come faster so I can watch Bull Fighting ep 13.

From Wu Chun:
Quote to share: -
‘There is never an end till your last breath… Keep Trying! ’
From Mr. Happy to all his Happy supporters :-)


  1. i bet kiwi will die staring at that HQ pic of wu chun...... hahas and wu chun.. did he do it on purpose, do does he not know how to write chinese -.-' cause even i know how to simple words like that -.-'

  2. well he's from brunei, maybe he doesn't know how to write, but it's still cool! a cny orange snowman...