February 04, 2008

TVXQ in Guiness World Record 2008

The fanclub of Asia's Top Artists group TVXQ, known as Cassiopeia has been recorded to The Guinness World Record Book of 2008, for the BIGGEST fanclub of an artist!

Cassiopeia consist of over 800,000 OFFICIAL members when last counted. This is not even including the non-official members. With this,
TVXQ! has the biggest fanbase in the world!

Credits: Cassiopeia HK + Dek-D.com + cyxion forum + Tvxq indo
Trans: stripesoflove

Congrats to them! Very Very Proud of them! Great job!


  1. lols i read this already.. but WOW SERIOUSLY. when i grow up and have a money making job... im gunna join the club and buy presents for them<3 lols

  2. oh man, u r really crazy! And I know just the solution for that! And it's ice cream!!!