February 25, 2008

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English Translated Lyrics: sparkles_n15@AsianFanatics

"Embracing the Air"
By: Kevin Cheng(K) & Niki Chow(N)

K: Our time together has now become moments of the past.
There was no way to predict that we would be enclosed in a painful love.

N: Loving you was magical, but was it all a cruel joke?
Even our photographs capture the pains of our love.

K/N: We've once been happy, once deeply in love.
We've once embraced, once quarreled and argued.
One by one, I can still remember it all.
If my love for you has yet to die, then let me continue to miss you.
Even though I'm in love with you, we cannot withstand the distance separating us.
We can only embrace the air.

K: Saying goodbye is actually a hint that we must abandon our feelings.

N: But I want you to know, that for you I'm willing [to do whatever it takes].

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