February 05, 2008

原來我不帥: So I'm Not Handsome

Pics credit to Asianfanatics
Synopsis from Dramawiki

Xiao Zhuang always thought he was a good-looking fella because that was what his parents always told him. However, after starting university, he was in for a surprise when the girl he liked turned him down. His friends finally told him the truth, which was that he wasn't good-looking at all.

The Characters
JJ Lin as Xiao Zhuan: The one who gets rejected for being ugly. (He's from Singapore~!)

Nicky Lee as Si Si: The one who is obsessed with pigeons. (He's Korean-American~!)

Michael Zhang as Ah Kang
: The player

Alice Ceng as Cindy: The one who rejects Xiao Zhuang

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Lu Jia Xin as Man Man: The manly girl


  1. whaos korean american. i might watch! rofls i kid i kid.. the rest of the cast dont appeal to me..
    btw.. am i the only one that regularly comments? -.-

  2. yes, ur the only one that regularly comments! Maybe I should give you candy for that too...