February 14, 2008

S.H.E dress up as maids, face frozen but still cute

S.H.E engaging in cosplay, following the Japanese maid craze? Recently filming a commercial in Beijing, the three dressed up as maids, their faces were obviously stiff with the cold, but they still played cute, even the most 'man' Ella had a head of curls, actually coming in tops in terms of prettiness.

S.H.E signed a contract with a famous contact lens brand in China, recently went to China for still shoots and to film a TV commercial, however just happened that the weather was wintry cold, all their costumes consisted of short sleeves and short skirts, the normally active trio were so cold that they either hid in the heated resting area, eating snacks to keep warm, or were huddled around the few small heaters.

To keep with the commercial, S.H.E were changing in and out of outfits nonstop, the funniest costume was the maid outfit, the three for the first time were transformed into pretty little maids, turning into "Marias", holding brand new cleaning props and pretending to be the real deal. Ella was in long sleeves, already causing Selina and Hebe to complain of unfair treatment, she even made her hair into little curls, causing her cuteness factor to skyrocket, the most 'man' one actually becoming the prettiest maid.

However the weather was much too cold, S.H.E tried all means to keep warm, even wearing tights under their miniskirts, but afraid this would be revealed, they had to keep on rolling them up. S.H.E laughed and said, "We are fashionable maids, under our work uniforms, we have inner trousers with bling bling on it!" The maid costumes were so cute that S.H.E were tempted to bring it back to Taipei, perhaps they could be of use during future costume parties.
http://udn.com traslated by fishybizness of CEFC forum credits to udn.com and CEFC

Happy Valentine Day! O gosh, seeing Hebe reminds me of Bull Fighting since she was the main female lead in it. These past few days, I've been pretty busy working at family shop, working at the office, working in school, working at home. But despite all these workings, I managed to squeeze around an hour to watch Bull Fighting epi 13. Yes, this is the episode with the car explosion and the feather scene. This is the best episode so far. A lot of Mike and Hebe scenes in this one along with Lee Wei and the other girl (the banker's daughter). I'll be sure to post something about this episode tomorrow.

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