February 25, 2008

Ratings Report (18/02/2008 - 24/02/2008)

Ratings Report (18/02/2008 - 24/02/2008)

* Note: Above the reception of TV preliminary statistical result, is possible and the official reception of TV has 1 point to receive the viewpoint the error, only supplies the reference.

* Please give a proper credit to TVB Chinese News Collection if reposted.

1. Wasabi Mon Amour (EPS 20 - Ending) - 32 PTS

2. Wasabi Mon Amour (EPS 15 - 19) - 31 PTS

3. Best Selling Secrets (EPS 242 - 245) - 29 PTS

4. The Seventh Day (EPS 01 - 04) - 27 PTS

ARGG! Why are the ratings for TSD so LOW?!?!?!?!?! Even Best Selling Secrets' rating is higher TSD. Don't get me wrong here, BSS is a very good sitcom...but the highly anticipated TSD should have had higher ratings...much higher! There are just so many things to love in TSD. Jack the superdog. Kevin and Niki- the perfect couple. kevin's fingerprint door lock...and that automatic escalator. The themevideo. And ah~the scenery...

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