February 03, 2008

Progress Report Again

I received my report card a few days ago and I have mixed feelings about my grades. For one, I'm glad I didn't fail gym. Some of you might think that it's impossible to fail gym after all it's one of the easiest class in school...but that's not the case when gym is first period! HAHAHA! I missed my last three gym classes because I was late and decided to eat breakfast in the cafeteria instead(yea, i skipped class!). Back to the main topic now, report card time for the dramas i've been watching again. By the way, I've started to watch Wasabi Mon Amour and Gentle Crackdown 2.

Bull Fighting: 94/100 (+2)
Oh, this drama is starting to drag a bit. I heard that there was going to be 14 episodes for this series and I'm disappointed! It's way too short! I saw ep 11 a couple of days ago, and gosh it's such a tear dropper episode. This episode exposed viewers to Lee Wei's pains and his side of the story. His powerful speech at the beginning and Hebe's thank you speech at the end were well written. Absolutely beautiful!

It Started With a Kiss 2: 82/100 (-3)
This drama is dying out on me. It's so slow but I'll continue because I want to see Arron act. He finally makes his appearance in ep 6. BUT he was only on screen for like 2 minutes. That's no good.

Best Selling Secrets: 90/100 (+1)
I'm happy that this sitcom got extended to 500 episodes, although that's a bit too much but I like it. I'm still hoping that Diana and her former assistant get together after all those misunderstandings.

So I'm Not Handsome: 92/100
This drama is so funny! Even the title of this drama is funny! It's about these three guys in college and all the crazy things they do together! One of them is a player; one of them likes the most prettiest girl in the college; one is plain crazy. Put the three of them together and you will truly be LMAO(Laughing my ass off)!

Wasabi Mon Amour:89/100
A drama with pretty good special effects and food that looks edible and delicious. I really wonder if Michael ever gets tired of smiling. In almost every scene, he's smiling with his teeth showing. Overall, this series is ok and it has the comedy factor in it. Louisa and the pink hair! Oh My~

The Gentle Crackdown 2: 91/100
Aside from the Yumiko factor, this is a really good series! I love how they named those 5 guards after the ladies in Beautiful Cooking! Brilliantly funny! Those 5 guards are the ones that made me continue watching this comical series especially Johnson! These men are hilarious and witty.

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  1. OMG that last picture is from gentle crackdown?!?!??! you're making me want to watch it ><; lols i feel like im missing out... but then... in protest of Yumiko.. i shall NOT watch it.