February 01, 2008

Poll Results

First place: Fahrenheit : 54%
Second place : DBSK : 21%
Third place: S.H.E : 11%
Fourth place: Twins : 7%

And thanks to those 5% who love them all. Your love is appreciated!

And thanks to everyone for voting. Your time and love is much appreciated!

And thanks to anti-kiwi for your numerous votes!Your participation is much appreciated! And you shall be rewarded!

Thank you! The next poll will be up soon!


  1. wow. how many votes did kiwi do -.-' i only did like 5... so the 21% was totally not ALL me... WOW CONGRATS MAN. dbsk fans coming to your site too XD lols but i'm a dbsk and twins fan so... -.-' i guess that means im not suited to come to your blog.

  2. NOO, dun leave my blog! I'll make it suitable for u too! I'll post more stuff on twins and dbsk!HAHAHA! Yea i noe those 21% is not you, hahahahaha.

  3. YO dont bring me down just cuz YOU rigged the damn poll -.- kiwi only voted ONCE tyvm.

  4. crap. forgot to chance my name >_> i always forget :[

  5. Gosh, guys, calm down! Getting too fired up on a poll...i noe the solution to this hot situation--> ICE CREAM!!!HAHAHAHHAAA!