February 19, 2008

Lydia Sum Passes Away At Age 60

Translation by: Eward @ AEU
Source: Yahoo! HK News
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HK's chief executive griefs for Lydia Shum's departure.

The chief executive, Donald Tsang says, he feels sad for Lydia's departure,saying that her firm and persistent will represents the spirit for the people of Hong Kong. Donald Tsang express sympathy and solicitude for Lydia Shum's family.

Also,Donald Tsang said Lydia Shum is Hong Kong's happy fruit,her laughter grew up with the people of Hong Kong,and brought them happiness.He added,although Lydia Shum is struggling with her illness,she have unswerving determination which represents the spirit of the people in Hong Kong.

Donald Tsang represents the special administrative government and many civilians to express sympathy and solicitude for her family.


Lydia fainted at home was being sent to Mary hospital.Her ex-husband, Adam Cheng went to hospital to see her and said that her illness is stable.

She passed away at 8.38am this morning. According to the official reports, her illness is not stable,which is good and bad sometimes. Because she went for dialysis everyday,she was not in a mentally clear situation.

When she was admitted to the hospital the day before,the news already shocked the entertainment industry.many friends from the entertainment industry sent wishes.

Its said that Lydia Shum ate 6 crabs before she faint ,the body took in too much bad unhealthy ingredients from the crabs the liver cannot handle the workload and failed,causing her to faint..

News said after she went to hospital yesterday,she woke up and appeared in a state where she can eat and chat.She changed to a private room but she passed away suddenly this morning.

May she rest in peace.


  1. NOOOOOO fei-fei... i loved her ;_;

    May you R.I.P. Lydia Shum.

  2. umm.. celsius.. she's 62 when she died... almost approachinig 63... that's not 60 lols

  3. and R.I.P.
    i seriously remember growing up watching her host EVERYTHING!

  4. and R.I.P.
    i seriously remember growing up watching her host EVERYTHING!