February 06, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year

Yay! Chinese New Year is tomorrow! Happy Chinese New Year to all silent readers! Affilates! Friends! anti-kiwi and hanakiwi! Congratulations to anti-kiwi for her coblog opening today! Enjoy your new year everyone!

Wu Chun's Chinese New Year Greeting

Edit: Translation as requested by Powered Yellow Donut.
Wu Chun: Hello everyone! I'm Wu Chun. You can also call me Small Wu Chun. Thank you everyone for your support. This time I'm happy that I can once again participate in this commercial. During this new year, I wish everyone a happy new year and gong xi fa cai and also (I don't know know what he said here). Thank you everyone. Everyone add oil! Add oil! Add oil!

Sorry for my lousy translation!

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