February 27, 2008

Fahrenheit Snatching Votes By Playing Sadness

Source: UDN
Translated by Cmiley@asianfanatics

With the joint collaboration Hit Fm online site and Kao Hsiung City government have set up "The 2008 Hito Pop Music Award 10,000 People Concert", this weekend on Saturday it'll be at the Chijin water park. Earlier Hitoradio.com website had just ended the singer popularity funtion, the most fierce competition was "Best Group Award" since Fahrenheit played some extra efforts, their energy was overwhelming that it went over their elder sisters SHE and the current popular XingGuangBang.

In the music industry after the beginning of spring, the first big concert event will be happening this weekend, includes Jolin, Leehom, Stephanie Suen, Show Luo, Cyndi Wang, Fahrenheit, XingGuangBang, XingGuang Second Class will all be showing support at this event. The most competitive award is "Best Group Award", earlier Fahrenheit "entering the water" visited a seafood restaurant to canvassed for votes, votes were still less than their elder sister group SHE, the group could only send out their "sorrow card", they're jokingly saying: "SHE's group position is alread at a level where it's unmovable, don't waste your votes fans, you can change to give it to their most beloved little brothers Fahrenheit!" After the sorrow offensive tatic of a month results showed, on the 24th of the closing of votes, Fahrenheit's votes surged.

As for the "Most Popular Male Singer", Show Luo was steady in the lead, and after splitting on his own Ah Xin was in close contact. "Most Popular Female Singer" there was Stephanie Suen, Jolin and Rainie most competitive. Many fans are looking forward to the long not seen Stephanie to perform on stage. "Most Popular Group" is lead by the group May Day Wu Yue Tian, Soda Green really close, as for "Most Popular Composer Singer", the leading 3 includes Huang Yi Da, Stanley Huang & Leehom Wang.

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