February 04, 2008

Fahrenheit Completely Touched ~ Calvin Gets Sicks

Source: UDN
Translated by Cmiley@asianfanatics

Idol group Fahrenheit's album sales have excellent records, the 4 yesterday have transformed in the Fortune God; passing out red packets to fans, about 1000 fans were fighting to get a red packet...touching Fahrenheit's body completely. The fans were too passionate, Calvin's arm became all red from grabbing, during the signing event he suddenly felt dizzy, his face turned pale, the function then paused.

Calvin rested about 10 minutes on the side, to not let the waiting fans down, he stuck to it until he finished signing 3000 albums then immediately going to the hospital. The doctor said, Calvin's ear nerve is infected making him dizzy and nauseous, after getting a shot to prevent dizziness he went home to rest, the other 3 continued to go to Tao Yuan for another signing event.

Lately Fahrenheit has been busy doing functions for promoting their album, filming new dramas, during Chinese New Years they can finally take a breathe.

Ah No! Calvin! I hope he feels better! Man, I wish I was there to get one of those lucky packets, then I'll be really lucky...

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