February 21, 2008

Ella organises barbeque gathering over CNY, turns into high-school student to tease S.H.

The fun-loving Ella has to have a barbeque gathering every CNY, this year her good sisters Selina and Hebe reported to her house as of old. Lin You Jia who lives in Pintung, Jeff Chang and Kang Kang also attended. Ella who loves to dress up, transformed into a Japanese gangster high-school student to welcome the guests.

▲Hebe and Selina were tickled upon seeing Ella and her family's getup during the barbeque gathering.

As last year's barbeque gathering saw more than 100 guests squeezing in, some of whom Ella didn't even know, the event became more low-key this year, but still more than 50 people came. To satisfy 50 appetites, she bought two car-loads of meat and other ingredients from the market and spent $14,000. Ella's mom even spent $30,000 to prepare various dishes and three large pots of soup, even though the guests were well satisfied, she said jokingly, "Can we not have anymore of such labor-intensive, resources-squandering gatherings?"

Gambling is a must during the new year, in hopes of being lucky this year, Ella wore red underwear from her first day at home, red underwear plus bright red lipstick, really equated to winnings, and Hebe who suffered great losses last year, won more than $2000 for the first time playing mahjong at Ella's house, making her overjoyed.

credits: CEFC and ce.com
translated by fishybizness of CEFC

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