February 15, 2008

Bull Fighting Episode 13 Summary Part I

Ah~Bull Fighting episode 13, the episode that I've been practically drooling over. There's lots of Hebe and Mike scene, lots of memorable quotes, and last but not least the highly anticipated feather scene. The episode begins with a narration by Shen Ruo He(Mike) followed by many flashbacks. His narration is basically about how sometimes someone is forced to wear a mask and these masks can be easily broken by the person you love.

The banker praises Lee Wei for his tactacs against the bank strike and askes him to stay and work for her. However, he refuses because he still sees himself as part of 13th Street. I guess he's not mad at Wu Ye anymore for hiding the truth about his father. Anyway, QN (the banker's daughter) wants to leave with Lee Wei but they are stopped by the banker. The banker suddenly askes QN (who is engaged to Mike) if she likes Lee Wei. And of course, her answer is yes but the banker opposes it.

QN is a very brave woman for standing up against her mother who is feared by many including Mike and his father. Her mother actually threatened to hurt Hebe if Mike didn't get engaged to her daughter. I'm telling you this is one scary woman who shows no motherly love. QN is not only brave in her family life; she's also quite courageous in her love life. She goes after Lee Wei despite knowing that he has someone in his heart. But that someone already has someone else in her heart. I find her to be a stronger character than Hebe sometimes.

QN and Lee Wei leave the bank and she confesses to him about her feelings. She uses Lee Wei's words against him. (Confused?) Well earlier in another episode, Lee Wei told Mike that "True Love does not wait" and Mike is wasting his time by not going after Hebe and will regret it later. Well QN tells Lee Wei that "True Love does not wait" and she will regret it if she doesn't go after him.

Mike comes back from rescuing Hebe and has a little talk with QN where QN encourages him to go after Hebe. However, Mike is still in denial and refuses to meet Hebe at the bull fighting place. QN promises to break off the engagement and lend money to his father's company. She encourages him again to give himself and Hebe another chance. At this point, Mike's no-good-father comes back to scold Mike for still thinking about Hebe.

There is something really wrong with Mike's father. All he seems to care about is his company, his reputation, and his money. Mike has stood by the side his father from the beginning, although he had disobeyed his father a couple of times, he always went back to his father's side. Let's just say that his father is a callous person.

After the many encouragements from QN, Mike decides to "fly out of his father's palm" by first meeting Hebe at the bull fighting place. He gets passes his father's men and jumps into his car and escapes. His father and the bodyguards pile into two separate cars and chases after Mike.

At the bull fighting place, Hebe and the crew are preparing the place for the "snowfall". They cleaned the whole place down and got the equipment for the goose feathers ready. After everything was finished, the only thing left that needed a make over is Hebe. Unfortunately, she didn't prepare a dress for the "snowfall" event. The crew argued over what they should do until the gates clang. And guess what? It's Lee Wei to the rescue. He bought a new dress for Hebe.

Meanwhile, Mike is still trying to escape from his father. It seems like his love for Hebe has touched one of his father's most trusted henchman. This henchman purposely stops the car so that Mike can fully concentrate on reaching the bull fighting place on time. Sadly, his car goes out of control, crashes, and flips upside down. Oil starts to leak from the car. And while all this happening, a flashback narration by Hebe is playing in the background. Hebe talks about how she will never give up on their love. And that's the Bull Fighting spirit.

Back at the bull fighting place, everyone is just sitting there waiting for Mr. Mike to come. Hebe is especially anxious, wondering whether or not he will come.

In the car, Mike wakes up and successfully crawls out of the car. TO his horror, a fire has started to surround his car and he quickly runs and the car EXPLODES. BOOM! Oh no, don't worry he didn't get hurt. With no car, will he give up? Of course not, he runs to the place instead.

Part 2 will come either tomorrow or Sunday

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