February 29, 2008

Chipmunk version of Fahrenheit

Yi Ge Ren Liu Kang by Fei lun hai(chipmunk version)

This is my favorite Fahrenheit song!

Wei Ni Cun Zai by Fei lun hai(chipmunk version)

Xin Li You Shu by Fei lun hai(chipmunk version)

Ai De Wang Dao by Fei lun hai(chipmunk version)

Random Sightings

Natalie performing the thumb around pen trick in TSD!

Louisa's clip is uploaded on testtube. Wait a second...testtube?

Ah~the automatic escalators in TSD! I want one in my future house! Hehe

My school just held a cross dressing day...this dude needs to shave!

Don't worry, that pigeon is fake...

Maybe he should consider covering up that tattoo...

OOO...bosco has a nice clock-watch on his wall.

And oh~the fingerprint door lock!

February 27, 2008

Fahrenheit Snatching Votes By Playing Sadness

Source: UDN
Translated by Cmiley@asianfanatics

With the joint collaboration Hit Fm online site and Kao Hsiung City government have set up "The 2008 Hito Pop Music Award 10,000 People Concert", this weekend on Saturday it'll be at the Chijin water park. Earlier Hitoradio.com website had just ended the singer popularity funtion, the most fierce competition was "Best Group Award" since Fahrenheit played some extra efforts, their energy was overwhelming that it went over their elder sisters SHE and the current popular XingGuangBang.

In the music industry after the beginning of spring, the first big concert event will be happening this weekend, includes Jolin, Leehom, Stephanie Suen, Show Luo, Cyndi Wang, Fahrenheit, XingGuangBang, XingGuang Second Class will all be showing support at this event. The most competitive award is "Best Group Award", earlier Fahrenheit "entering the water" visited a seafood restaurant to canvassed for votes, votes were still less than their elder sister group SHE, the group could only send out their "sorrow card", they're jokingly saying: "SHE's group position is alread at a level where it's unmovable, don't waste your votes fans, you can change to give it to their most beloved little brothers Fahrenheit!" After the sorrow offensive tatic of a month results showed, on the 24th of the closing of votes, Fahrenheit's votes surged.

As for the "Most Popular Male Singer", Show Luo was steady in the lead, and after splitting on his own Ah Xin was in close contact. "Most Popular Female Singer" there was Stephanie Suen, Jolin and Rainie most competitive. Many fans are looking forward to the long not seen Stephanie to perform on stage. "Most Popular Group" is lead by the group May Day Wu Yue Tian, Soda Green really close, as for "Most Popular Composer Singer", the leading 3 includes Huang Yi Da, Stanley Huang & Leehom Wang.

February 25, 2008

TSD Subtheme

English Translated Lyrics: sparkles_n15@AsianFanatics

"Embracing the Air"
By: Kevin Cheng(K) & Niki Chow(N)

K: Our time together has now become moments of the past.
There was no way to predict that we would be enclosed in a painful love.

N: Loving you was magical, but was it all a cruel joke?
Even our photographs capture the pains of our love.

K/N: We've once been happy, once deeply in love.
We've once embraced, once quarreled and argued.
One by one, I can still remember it all.
If my love for you has yet to die, then let me continue to miss you.
Even though I'm in love with you, we cannot withstand the distance separating us.
We can only embrace the air.

K: Saying goodbye is actually a hint that we must abandon our feelings.

N: But I want you to know, that for you I'm willing [to do whatever it takes].

Ratings Report (18/02/2008 - 24/02/2008)

Ratings Report (18/02/2008 - 24/02/2008)

* Note: Above the reception of TV preliminary statistical result, is possible and the official reception of TV has 1 point to receive the viewpoint the error, only supplies the reference.

* Please give a proper credit to TVB Chinese News Collection if reposted.

1. Wasabi Mon Amour (EPS 20 - Ending) - 32 PTS

2. Wasabi Mon Amour (EPS 15 - 19) - 31 PTS

3. Best Selling Secrets (EPS 242 - 245) - 29 PTS

4. The Seventh Day (EPS 01 - 04) - 27 PTS

ARGG! Why are the ratings for TSD so LOW?!?!?!?!?! Even Best Selling Secrets' rating is higher TSD. Don't get me wrong here, BSS is a very good sitcom...but the highly anticipated TSD should have had higher ratings...much higher! There are just so many things to love in TSD. Jack the superdog. Kevin and Niki- the perfect couple. kevin's fingerprint door lock...and that automatic escalator. The themevideo. And ah~the scenery...

February 23, 2008

A Lover's Concerto

Ah~this is a really good song to listen when you want to fall asleep. Not it's boring...but it's soo heavenly. HAHAHA! I was surprised to learn that the person who sang this song was Kelly Chan. Man, her English is really good! And her voice...ah~so heavenly....Enjoy!

February 22, 2008

The Seventh Day Initial Thoughts

Like many people out there, I've been highly anticipating this series. Even thought I keep telling myself that high expectations will often result in disappointment, I'm willing to gamble on this series. I truly believe that this series will fall in that .1% where the high expectations will yield satisfying results. Well at least Chi Wing(Kevin Cheng) and Ka Yan's (Niki Chow) storyline...as for the other pair, Don(Bosco Wong) and Sasa(Natalie Tong)...eh...not that interested.

Ah~the theme video of this series. I remember that I was forced to watch this like 5 times in a row on Wednesday at someone's house. *Cough* Arrow *Cough* Overall, I felt that the theme video gives off this very serene and placid aura. The scenery in the theme video is so beautiful. So calm. So natural. Yet in the foreground, a tragic love story unfolds itself.

Show Luo and Wu Zun intimate photos exposed

Source: Liberty Times
Translation: wendy @ http://asianeu.net/forums/

Show Luo and Wu Zun filming for Hot Shot pretends to have feelings, posting up intimate photos on the internet, creating huge laughs.

Show Luo and Wu Zun intimate photos exposed

(Xiao Zhu) Show Luo exposes his 'girlfriend' who's also in the entertainment industry, scaring many fans!

Wanting everyone's blessing, Fans laugh at him

Show Luo, who will be singing in Hong Kong tonight, earlier posted on his "I Love Big Stars" blog an entry titled "My Girlfriend Exposed!" He also posted up pictures, scaring many fans to rush to read the entry. However, no one would have guessed that the 'entertainment industry girlfriend' he was talking about was his co-star on new idol-drama Hot Shot, Wu Zun. Pictures show them almost kissing (as seen above). Fans couldn't help but laugh: "Hahaha, pretending to be gay, but your relationship seems to be very good!"

Xiao Zhu rambles on, not only saying that Wu Zun is his girlfriend, he also wrote that: "He only wants to be the great girl that quietly supports me from behind the scenes. Next time you see us walking hand-in-hand in the streets, remember to give us your blessings!" He even wrote that the gift he wanted to give Wu Zun for Valentine's Day is a body-building equipment, "So that his body becomes even more fit!"

Seeing Xiao Zhu pretending to be so intimate with Wu Zun, fans purposefully use his album's name to make fun of him: "Xiao Zhu's natural taste really is 『舞所不在』."

Wu Zun bewildered that Xiao Zhu named him his 'girlfriend', with his fans sticking close to watch, purposefully said to Xiao Zhu during filming: "I heard that I'm your girlfriend!" Xiao Zhu can only awkwardly smile.

Singing in Hong Kong tonight, doctor awaits orders

Tonight is Xiao Zhu's first time singing in Hong Kong. Earlier when they were filming for Hot Shot, it turns out that there were suppose to be two heavy rain scenes. However the director, keeping in mind that Xiao Zhu will be holding a concert, especially cancelled the scenes for him because he was afraid that Xiao Zhu would catch a cold, making Xiao Zhu very moved.

Earlier the weather became bitterly cold. Since he only wears a basketball jersey to film, everyday when he goes home, he would quickly open the heat and take a hot water bath. All of this because he didn't want to be sick for the 2 day concert. In addition to seeing both Chinese and Western doctors, his manager also made an appointment for him with a Hong Kong doctor for in case he sang until his voice becomes hoarse or loses his voice, they could then tell the doctor to do a 'vocal-cord blood-letting process' (聲帶放血處理).

Ah~haahahaaa, these two are so funny! Wu Chun suddenly became Show's girlfriend. The only thing was he didn't know until later...HAHAHAA! That's a perfect April Fools' joke!

February 21, 2008

Ella organises barbeque gathering over CNY, turns into high-school student to tease S.H.

The fun-loving Ella has to have a barbeque gathering every CNY, this year her good sisters Selina and Hebe reported to her house as of old. Lin You Jia who lives in Pintung, Jeff Chang and Kang Kang also attended. Ella who loves to dress up, transformed into a Japanese gangster high-school student to welcome the guests.

▲Hebe and Selina were tickled upon seeing Ella and her family's getup during the barbeque gathering.

As last year's barbeque gathering saw more than 100 guests squeezing in, some of whom Ella didn't even know, the event became more low-key this year, but still more than 50 people came. To satisfy 50 appetites, she bought two car-loads of meat and other ingredients from the market and spent $14,000. Ella's mom even spent $30,000 to prepare various dishes and three large pots of soup, even though the guests were well satisfied, she said jokingly, "Can we not have anymore of such labor-intensive, resources-squandering gatherings?"

Gambling is a must during the new year, in hopes of being lucky this year, Ella wore red underwear from her first day at home, red underwear plus bright red lipstick, really equated to winnings, and Hebe who suffered great losses last year, won more than $2000 for the first time playing mahjong at Ella's house, making her overjoyed.

credits: CEFC and ce.com
translated by fishybizness of CEFC

February 20, 2008

Dear Affiliates

As you can see, I've changed the layout of my blog. Unfortunately, during the process, I lost the "Links" in the sidebar. I've tried my best to reconstruct that section of the blog. If you cannot find your blog on the sidebar, please say so in the cbox/comment area and I will add you. Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

February 19, 2008

Lydia Sum Passes Away At Age 60

Translation by: Eward @ AEU
Source: Yahoo! HK News
More info @ Devious' place

HK's chief executive griefs for Lydia Shum's departure.

The chief executive, Donald Tsang says, he feels sad for Lydia's departure,saying that her firm and persistent will represents the spirit for the people of Hong Kong. Donald Tsang express sympathy and solicitude for Lydia Shum's family.

Also,Donald Tsang said Lydia Shum is Hong Kong's happy fruit,her laughter grew up with the people of Hong Kong,and brought them happiness.He added,although Lydia Shum is struggling with her illness,she have unswerving determination which represents the spirit of the people in Hong Kong.

Donald Tsang represents the special administrative government and many civilians to express sympathy and solicitude for her family.


Lydia fainted at home was being sent to Mary hospital.Her ex-husband, Adam Cheng went to hospital to see her and said that her illness is stable.

She passed away at 8.38am this morning. According to the official reports, her illness is not stable,which is good and bad sometimes. Because she went for dialysis everyday,she was not in a mentally clear situation.

When she was admitted to the hospital the day before,the news already shocked the entertainment industry.many friends from the entertainment industry sent wishes.

Its said that Lydia Shum ate 6 crabs before she faint ,the body took in too much bad unhealthy ingredients from the crabs the liver cannot handle the workload and failed,causing her to faint..

News said after she went to hospital yesterday,she woke up and appeared in a state where she can eat and chat.She changed to a private room but she passed away suddenly this morning.

May she rest in peace.

February 18, 2008

Bull Fighting Episode 13 Summary Part II

Imagine this. You just ran a few miles to a warehouse because your car crashed. As you open the doors of the warehouse, you see a basketball court. You step inside the warehouse and suddenly, white things start to float down from above. You take a closer look and notice that the white things are goose feathers. You look up and all you see are those white feathers floating down gently, some fall on your face, while others touch the floor.By this time, the floor is covered in goose feathers. You then turn your attention to the basketball and there standing in the midst of it all, is the one person that makes your heart beat 1000 times faster, makes your sweat have warmth, and gives taste to the rice you eat.

And that, my friend, is the infamous feather scene of Bull Fighting.

Previously on Bull Fighting, Hebe wanted 5 minutes to talk alone with Mike. However, he refused to give her 5 minutes unless one of the following happens: "...the sun rises from the west, Dong Shang runs into a typhoon, and the 13th Street basketball court starts snowing"(translated by Little_Purple_Bell@AF). Now that the warehouse(13th Street basketball court) is "snowing", will Mike give Hebe her 5 minutes? Unfortunately, no. Mike claims that it was feathers falling not snow so it doesn't count.

With the Bull Fighting spirit raging inside her, Hebe refuses to give up and challenges Mike to a basketball game where one point will determine everything. Mike will play defense and Hebe will have to score one point to win and get her 5 minutes. After several failed attempts, Hebe starts to use the "push attack" where she just uses her shoulders and pushes Mike. Seeing how ineffective it was, she switches to another attack, the "mouth attack". The first time, she tricks him into believing that she was going to run to the basket. The second time, she tricks him again with the same attack. The third time, she runs towards him and tells him that she was going to kiss him. He instantly moved back and she ran passed him to the basket, jumps, and SWISHHH! Point for Hebe! YAY! She wins!(Note: The feathers are still falling!)

Now listen to what she says after she wins and you'll see how strong the lines are in this series:
"No matter how tight your defence is,
as long as I love you,
I will definitely find your weak point,
break away from you, get past you,
speed past you,
and score." (translated by glued@AF)

Romantic atmosphere, eh? Unfortunately, it doesn't last for long because of Mike's question: Why are the feathers so stinky? HAHAHAHAHAA! The mystery of the stinky feathers! Anyway, Mike gives Hebe her 5 minutes but Hebe can't think of anything to say and time is ticking away.At this point, she's getting really nervous and wishes that she had 50 minutes instead. Guess what, her wish comes true! One of her henchman goes behind Mike and whacks him with a stick. Mike faints and the henchman says, "Miss, you now have 50 minutes." HAHAHA! Mike is unconscious so Hebe and the crew puts him in the trunk of their car.

Meanwhile, Lee Wei and QN(the banker's daughter) are conversing on the phone. QN tells Lee Wei that she wants the next 50 years of his life! ~WOOOO~ HEHEHE

Now moving onto the no-good parents. Mike's father finds out that the Mike's car exploded and is worried sick. Or is he? He blames his most trusted henchman for stopping the car and allowing Mike to go to the warehouse. On the other side, QN tells her mother that she wants to break off the engagement with Mike and go out with Lee Wei. And of course QN's mother opposes it and uses QN's past to discourage her from going out with Lee Wei. QN's past: Michael, her lover, died in a street car race because he needed the money to buy a wedding ring for QN. QN's mother claims that QN's disobedience caused Michael's death. QN argues that Michael died because he didn't get QN's mother's approval. And this time, QN is determine to have her mother accept Lee Wei.

Back in Hebe's room, Mike is still unconscious. Hebe vows to make Mike her man after tonight. She changes his clothes as well as her own and now they look like they just came back from Hawaii. This part was really weird. Hebe lies next to the unconscious Mike and makes one of her henchman take pictures of them lying together. HAHAHA! Ah~ I can't wait to watch ep 14!