January 02, 2008

Wu Zun Playing Erotic ~ Inflates Balloon that's "A"

For program results, Fahrenheit is flashing red lights, the 4 have split into two against each other, one side yelling "Dong Yan! Dong Yan! Guarantee you guys will loose until you get a fever!"; the other side yelling "Zun Ru! Zun Ru! Choke you guys until you become a dwarf!" Who would've thought performing not long, Wu Zun was judged as an erotic, the scene was hilarious.

Fahrenheit was on GTV's "Entertainment 100%" playing against each other, at the scene Calvin took out a long yellow balloon and asked Wu Zun to help cheer, never thought Wu Zun one minute inflating it and one minute it was pointed towards the female fans, and even said: "Feel it! Is this charged enough?"

The comments made Xiao Zhu laugh hard, "You're indecent, this is really erotic!" Wu Zun yelling against: "You guys shouldn't think to that side!" Xiao Gui said: "You've been pointing it at them, then charging it!" The anxious Wu Zun was in a puddle of sweat, and stopping to try to keep explaining.

Source: Yam
Translated by Cmiley @ asianfanatics.net

OMG, I'm speechless! But I want to see this episode of 100% Entertainment. Anyone know which episode this is?

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  1. LMAOOOO when i read that lololol wu chun is so funny -.-;;;;;