January 21, 2008

Wu Chun Hits Face

The entertainment's #1 "Pretty Boy" Wu Zun is "Scarred"?

This papers reporter followed yesterday night, Wu Zun was rushing to film "Fire Basketball"; was hung high flipping around in the air by wire, to film this handstand screen hanging in mid air, the wire slipped, it hit WuZun on the forehead, he immediately yelled as it hurt, his forehead was swollen like a "pig head" because of it, the crew quickly put ice on it, WuZun held back his pain, but his eyes couldn't hide it as it was getting red!

Wire slips out of control to hit face

WuZun yesterday night was filming at a sports park for "Fire Basketball" beside the Zhong Shan soccer field, it was just himself filming this mid air flipping scene, then is was WuZun and another actor Zhang Xun Jie fighting is mid air scene.

Originally the filming progress was very smooth, but yesterday evening around 10, the director wanted WuZun to refilm some mid air handstand shots, the professional WuZun was very willing to go in wires to hang in mid air, but because the wire is hard to control, WuZun worked hard to follow the wires strength to do a handstand, but not carefully, the wire suddenly hit the head, hitting WuZun's face directly!

Headache for Makeup Spokesperson

The crew immediately let WuZun down, and discovered his forehead was hit, the poor pretty boy, the handsome face has become a "pig head" because of this, WuZun held back his pain by not yelling, only quietly muttering: "it hurts!" his eyes were getting red, the crew heart broken, quickly let him rest, and putting ice on his forehead.

Since WuZun has to attend a makeup function in a few days, the handsome face is hurt, this is making the management company with a headache, they could only let him rest as much as possible, these few days should be able to ease the swolleness!

Credit to Cmiley@Asianfanatics

Ouch, that must hurt a lot! Ah, poor Wu Chun, hope he gets better! January seems to be a very awful month. First, I lose my flash drive. Then I find out that Hero and Max get into a car accident. And now, Wu Chun gets hit in the face with wire. GRRRR!!!

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