January 31, 2008

War of in Laws 2 Ending Thoughts

Great ending! Great series! I didn't really like the storyline but I loved all the comic gags in this series! My favorite couple is NOT Bosco and Myolie. *Surprise!* It's Derek and Joyce! They have so much chemistry together! Ok...I think I'm getting too excited over this pair...but i'll continue.

Their most funniest part together was at the Shanghai hotel when they were having dinner. Myolie and Derek's phone kept ringing and Joyce got mad. Derek saw that Joyce wasn't receiving any phone calls (meaning that no one cares about her since she's away from home) and decided to prank call her! HAHAHA!!!

Gosh this series makes me laugh so much!Joyce's acting was really enjoyable in this series! Plus her new haircut looks great! At times, she can act very high class like Ophelia. Other times, she just acts so cute, especially her voice! Here are some screen caps of the ending.

Derek's Proposal...in the wrong order

It works! Aw, what a cute happy family!

Elva's New Edition in Trouble and the Elva team goes on bikes to save it!

Bosco went somewhere to help build a house to prove something...

Happy United Family with Benz in the back trying to catch Ophelia!

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