January 18, 2008

Top Five Mandarin Albums(Jan 4 -10)

Top Five Mandarin Albums Jan. 4 to Jan. 10

1. Fahrenheit (飛輪海) and 2nd Album (雙面飛輪海) with 18.65 percent of sales
2. 5566 and Bravo (喝采) with 8.03%
3. Lollipop (棒棒堂) and GyaShan (哪裡怕) with 7.95%
4. Gary Tsao (曹格) and Super Sunshine with 6.12%
5. Valen Hsu (許茹芸) and Latitude 66 Degrees (北緯66度) with 5.8%

Credit to francesa@asianfanatics

Now on the happier side, I'm glad that Fahrenheit's album got first place! Their album is filled with great songs! I really encourage you to run to the music store and get a copy yourself!

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