January 20, 2008

Survivor's Law Ending

The pictures above are some screencaps of the very very end of the last episode. Sammul made that "I love you" cake. Man, it looks delicious.

Grade: 99/100

This series was awesome! I love the ending; it's very nice and simple. Kenneth and Ella gave a spectacular performance throughout this series! Awesome chemistry and funny conversations. Especially, the part about the pork chop. HAHAHA.

Well, what makes this series different from other TVB series so far? For one, it has fresh ideas and fresh people. Okay, that may sound weird, but at least, we're not seeing the same people over and over again.

It's nice to see Ella back in action. Her acting has improved a lot since Revolving Doors of Vengeance. Personally, I think she has better chemistry with Kenneth than Ron. Go Kenneth!

And last but not least, I think TVB has become smarter to some extent. Well, at least the script writers for this series. Declaration of love in the courtroom + marriage in the courtroom is definitely a fresh idea. Kenneth declares love to Ella in the courtroom then Ella proposes to Kenneth in the courtroom then they get married in the courtroom. Oh man, they must really love their job as lawyers to get married in the courtroom...

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  1. ahah i know right! fresh ideas and fresh collabs. i loved it.. expect selena.. i just cant be convinced that she got independent -.-' but seriously. kenneth and ella had GREAT chemistry.. i mean, they arent like kevin and niki popular but i think they have awesome chemistry hahhas. epp i have so much to say about the ending T_T;