January 03, 2008

Sleepy Beauty: Mr. Arron Yan

Aww, look, it's the 20th century guy version of sleepy beauty! And that sleepy beauty happens to be Fahrenheit's Arron Yan. Unfortunately, he's been working for 48 hours straight and hasn't gotten any rest!

Here's the original article if you want to read what he's been doing during those 48 hours.

Poor Arron! But I can't wait for his series (he's the main actor),Pi Li MIT, to air. The only downside to his series is that the main actress is NOT Hebe Tian, but GuiGui, whom I have no idea of who she is.

After watching Bull Fighting, I wanted to see more dramas with Hebe in it. I was rooting for a Arron-Hebe drama but instead got a Arron-GuiGui drama, but that's alright as long as Arron is in it, everything is alright.

Just a few more hours till I get my hands on Fahrenheit's second album. AHHH, I can't wait much longer! I think I might faint soon...

All Pictures credited to AsianFanatics.net


  1. Oh, Arron.

    Adorableness to the max! I feel bad for him though, but I'm looking forward to the drama!

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  3. i can not believe this, but i actually know who gui gui is -.-' she's part of Blackie, a girl group who are hosting a show called Blackie Society, where these girls try to get famous off the show -.-' DUMBDUMBDUMB!! yo, they're so ugly and untalented.. but they keep on appearing on magazines -.-' here's a picture of them: http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/9575/237173ii0.jpg

  4. Heyyy do you kno which drama Arron and Gui-Gui act in??

  5. Heyyy do you kno which drama Arron and Gui-Gui act in??

  6. Pi Li MIT. it hasn't been released yet

  7. aaron yan!! i looove you

  8. aaron yan rocks
    his so cute even if his sleeping
    i love you yanyalun