January 18, 2008

Personal Grief

Personal feelings...skip if not interested!

I've lost it. I've lost something that was precious, something that can and can't be easily replaced. Sure, I can just go to the store and get a new one but...it's just not the same and won't be the same as the original one.

Why didn't I listen to that little voice in the back of my head, telling me to leave that "something" at home.

-sigh- A lesson learned at last, never procrastinate efforts to protect something precious. If only I had put that key chain on it, then maybe, just maybe, I wouldn't have forgotten to take it...and now the probability of finding it is ....close to 5%.

The only thing I can do right now is to hope and pray that there are still kind people left in this world and that one of these kind people come across my lost item and hand it back...


  1. awws. what is it?

  2. now that i reread my post, i think im overreacting...its a fd, dun noe what fd is? guess...hehehe, im feeling a bit better now, after scanning fahrenheit news N watching Star King with DBSK!

  3. LOL hahahahahaha ohh mannn shao was right... cant believe you blogged about it -.-;;;; anyway dont be too sad, i'm sure it'll turn up in lost and found :) bk tech has many nice ppl too

    btw how did you come up with that number for the probability lololol just curious >_>

  4. OHH SNAP! is it a flash drive?


    -sigh- i'm sure those can be replaced quite painlessly.. and i'm sure the one you lost does not have a limbic system and cannot feel sadness so you dont hav to wry about it..

  5. gee thanks guys, i've written up a formal thank you just for all of you, n im feeling better now, hopefully, i won't lose any more flash drives in the future. out of curiosity, good person, how did u figure out that it was a flash drive?

    to anti-shao: well, i've lost a flashdrive in the same place, same computer, never got it back, so as time pass from the moment u lose it, there's very very very little chance of finding it back. u thought i mathematically came up with that answer?