January 07, 2008

Fahrenheit Second Album 1-12

All videos in this post credited to 165pigs@youtube

These are songs 1-12 from Fahrenheit's Second Album. There's one more which I will post it tomorrow because it's special!

Oh, and if you want any of these songs, leave a comment with your email address and which songs you want. I will send you the songs. The songs are counted in numerical order meaning the first one is 1, second one is 2...etc.

Please do not post up the links on other websites! Or else, this service will be disabled...forever!

Enjoy their new songs!

Track One

Track Two

Track Three

Track Four

Track Five
I spy four languages in this song: Mandarin, English, Spanish, Korean

Track Six

Track Seven

Track Eight

Track Nine

Track Ten

Track Eleven

Track Twelve


  1. LMAO! wow i cant believe you posted up all the sounds to their new album ^-^ Fahrenheit rocks!! "Please do not post up the links on other websites! Or else, this service will be disabled...forever!" such a funny post -.- oh and I agree with you on the post about the song from hanakimi... so goood! >.< very special song indeed, keep up the good work celsius! :)

  2. wow
    you are so nice!!!
    i cant believe someone would actually do all this
    seems like you love fahrenheit a lot!!!
    thanks for all the info and stuff!!!
    may i please have all the songs on fahrenheit's new album please???
    i wish i lived in taiwan... then i could just go out and buy the album myself

  3. oops
    i forgot to tell you my e-mail

  4. Is Bu Hui Ai by Fei lun hai mandarin or hokkien ?

  5. Is Bu Hui Ai by Fei Lun Hai mandarin or hokkien?

  6. hey there celsius! its totally awesome that u took the time and effort to post all of Fahrenheit's songs on their second album. Thank u so much!! I've been trying hard to find their songs. They hardly sell Fahrenheit albums in my country. I tried looking in the music store before and it was a disappointment. I really really hope u can send me all their songs on this 2nd album. I'll really appreciate that. Thanks so much! my e-mail is liernmah@yahoo.com Keep up the great job on ur web! Us Fahrenheit fans rule :)

  7. hey .
    you're the BEST! =)
    can I have all twelve tracks by fahrenheit, please?
    and also the two solos by arron;
    - yuan yi bu ai ni
    - ti amo
    [it's really sad why they hardly sell frh albums ard here.. SOB!]
    here, my email..

    thank you so muchh! (=
    YOU ROCKK! love frh forever*

  8. bu hui ai is mando

  9. i love fahrenheit songs... with their songs, i am like mandarin language..

  10. Will you please send all 12 songs to me?
    my email is tropicalparadise720@gmail.com it would be greatly appreciated if you could. this totally made my day when i found this website!