January 18, 2008

Niki and Kevin's New Series will be Released

Kevin and Niki’s new series “The Seventh Day,” after finished filming for a year will finally be released. TVB has decided to air it next month on the 18th. Kevin and Niki’s love sparks were ignited because of filming. Is TVB using “WingKei Luen (love)” to push Valentine ratings?

Yesterday, reporters called “The Seventh Day’s” producer, Amy Wong. She denied that they are using their rumors to boost ratings. “Natalie Tong and Bosco Wong’s performances are good too. In the series both couples performed really well. It’s a special love story.” She also said that she has expectations for every series. She doesn’t worry that the Lunar New Year Holiday will affect the ratings.

Translated by TheTruthLies @ http://kevin-niki.net

F.I.N.A.L.L.Y, TVB decides to release this series! They kept on delaying this and Tai Chi for a super long time. Well, now I really hope that this series will live up to its expectations, as everyone has been waiting for this to release, right? I guess this series does fit the theme of Valentine but I heard that the ending is not too bright for Kevin and Niki...

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