January 08, 2008

Give Us Hana Kiwi 2

Here is the last song from Fahrenheit's second album; I think this is one of their best songs. This song was also featured in Hanakimi, a popular Taiwan series, with Wu Chun(FRH), Jiro Wang(FRH), and Ella Chen(S.H.E). This was a really funny drama with Ella dressing up as a guy to enter an all boy school to meet Wu Chun. Her exaggerated facial expressions are extremely hilarious. Back when I was watching it, I was pretty surprised by it, because normally, I don't spot these exaggerated expressions in TVB dramas . And, I was rather disappointed by the ending of Hanakimi. The ending was a cliff hanger and it obviously pointed to a sequel. Most people were expecting a sequel. Sadly, however, the director decided not to film the sequel.I could understand why he wouldn't want to film the sequel, but still I want a sequel! Since Hanakimi obtained very high ratings, people would set a high expectation for the sequel. However, as we all know, high expectations would OFTEN result in disappointment because most things won't live up to our expectations. I think that's the reason why the director decided not to film the sequel.

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