January 30, 2008

Fahrenheit's Wu Zun Buys Brand Watches to be a MAN

Source: UDN
Translated by Cmiley @ Asianfanatics

What's a considered a man? Fahrenheit members each have different answers; Wu Zun: Has a career and has plans for the future, and willing to hear the others opinion. Jiro (Da Dong): Have a shoulder where it can be leaned on for support. Arron: Serious attitude, give it 100% at anything you do. Calvin: Have a broad mind, and not childish at handling matters.

There is no doubt, "Fahrenheit" is a "Boy Group", words to describe them would be Sunshine, Handsome, Cute. But in reality, within the 4 guys, Wu Zun, Jiro and Calvin are all over 25 years old, the broad mind that's described as MAN is slowly boiling up, Calvin directly says: "I'm currently learning how to be a man." Wu Zun's speech was even more interesting: "In Taiwan I'm a boy, returning to Brunei, naturally I turn in to a man; because being an owner must show the characteristics of an owner, my career affects many employees living, I must face matureness."

Fahrenheit's newly produced album is called "Doube Faced Fahrenheit", expressing they're both boys and men. That being the case, taking advantage of inviting them to chat about fashion tastes opportunities, why not just invite them to wear LV, RALPH LAUREN, LOEWE and PAUL SMITH other spring summer suit attires to show their manly attractions.

Among them, the reporter had a special favor towards Wu Zun, accessorizing with IWC with a value of $218,000 NT engineers automatic watch, he usually buys Tujian watches research, once he saw a brand named watch; his spirits was immediately excited. Wu Zun began collecting watches 2 years ago, at the time he started with 1 OMEGA, spending about $80,000, the reason was to "be a man". He says: Because of opening up a gym, the thought of being an owner should have a nice watch to match the status."

Wu Zun usually likes the sporty styles, the watch dial it self big or small, thickness, shape or style design are all considered when he chooses for his collecting. He discloseds to reward himself for the hard work lately, he has to immediately buy another one, is expecting to spend about $20,000, he's already seen a few brands already, asking him doesn't he find brand names are expensive? He says: "Not really, if I were to buy bags or clothes, I'm reluctant, but watches can be passed on to the family, why don't you think about it, wearing if for life, once you've averaged the amount you spent, it actually works out to be very cost effective".

Jiro, Aaron and Calvin have not added into Wu Zun's watch collecting hobby yet, but speaking of the man subject, all of them have their own opinions. Wu Zun admitts being in the entertainment industry makes a person not grow up, Aaron actually thinks he's the opposite making him mature a lot quicker, Calvin says: In this industry, warmth and reality are both able to add to the experience, to grow up or not it depends on the choice of the person."

Jiro was once said by an ex that he was too childish, he said in the past he was the sticky type, once he was ditched, he grew up overnight, now he doesn't rely on the girlfriend.

Around Calvin he has many high school friends getting married, becoming fathers, watching the process of classmates from "boys becoming men", he says in the past he usually sets plans for a year in advance, now I think about plans of 3, 5 years, seems like you gradually mature.

As for the youngest age Aaron, says his thoughts has matured to a certain extent, but will keep some hearts of a boy, interestingly he said his target is Wu Zun and Calvin, he says: "Actually when the two starts working; they're really mature, making people feel secure, this is a side where fans don't see."

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