January 02, 2008

Fahrenheit's fan signing

For the first time, Fahrenheit did a signing for fans from 1am to 5 am, having a total of 4100 fans. Arron signed till he couldn’t tell whether he was signing on a poster or even on the desk; Jiro couldn’t stand it and fell asleep on the desk for 3 seconds. Once back to Taipei, only Calvin was one whom was free, but the other 3 had to rush to do filming for other shows.

The last day of 2007 Fahrenheit was in Tainan, from flying to taichung, it was good for Wuzun because he was able to eat the small treats. WuZun does not limit himself from eating sweets,four of them were rehearsaling for the show, after running down two times, Wu Zun couldn’t resist and sat down and continue eating. He was telling the others, Don’t worry, I know all the steps! Hurry and eat! He was eating on one end, signing and taking pictures in the other.

With both Year ends concert, and their signings, why did they chose to do it during the wee hours of the night? Because three of them excluding Calvin had to go and rush to their own scheduled work, so their promotion time is cut short. This is why they chose to do the signings during the night, and the fans got to spend time with Fahrenheit embarking on the new year. As they were signing, there were a few fans that bought 100 cds, which cause them to sign even faster. Arron even signed on the table, which people around him started to laugh.

credit to Apple News
translated by alexlove8 @ http://asianfanatics.net

aw, i wish i was there to get their autographs! hahahas, arron got too tired and signed on the table...i want that table! Wow, Fahrenheit really has a busy busy schedule. I can't believe that "
a few fans bought 100 cds". That's really expensive BUT it shows how much they love Fahrenheit!

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  1. lmaoooo at arron, signing on the desk -.- thats so cute of him >.<