January 18, 2008

Fahrenheit & S.H.E playing in the snow ;Wu Zun loves eating Peking duck

[17.1.08] FRH S.H.E playing in the snow; Wu Zun loves eating Peking Duck

The closeknit FRH and S.H.E have come together once again to shoot a yoghurt commercial, 5 million yuan of endorsement fees safely in their pockets! To have a deeper understanding of this new product, the 7 specially flew to Mongolia's factory in the morning to tour the production process, as they were informed that the weather was very cold, only around -20deg, everyone came well prepared with coats, scarves, gloves, even heating pads. However upon seeing the whole place covered with snow, they were so excited they forgot about the chill; after the tour, the brand company even specially prepared the prized "grassland abalone" for them to sample. Following that they caught flights to Beijing for work, Wu Zun who was hankering for the famous Peking roast duck, upon reaching the restaurant immediately ordered two ducks and ate them up in no time, and even ordered a third, no wonder he said with great satisfaction, "Beijing's good food gives us even more energy to make all our events!"

translated by
fishybiznes of CEFC FORUM

Man, Wu Chun really really likes food. He's always eating. Hmm, Peking roast duck, eh, I had that two years ago in a so-called Chinese New Year Lunch which was pretty much a failure in the beginning but got better after the lunch. It was pretty weird because back then my friends and I all look like midgets and we went to this really fancy restaurant to eat Peking duck. The person at the front who greeted us gave us the "eye"...yea, but the food was pretty good and expensive. Now back to the picture up there, I love this group picture. My favorite Taiwan groups all in one place! Aww, they look so silly with the antler V-signs...hehehe

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