January 12, 2008

Fahrenheit Plays Cute Turning into Little Animals

Fahrenheit will make cool poses, to gain the hearts of the ladies, playing cute was pretty experienced.

For the album "Double sided Fahrenheit", they're at first men, then boy, yesterday they filmed mv "your heart knows", they've changed into cute animals, except for the first time wearing this furry animal suite, the fresh feeling only lasted 5 minutes for these four guys, then it was so hot it was sweating up their backs. Coincidently Fahrenheit is about to head to -30 degrees Mongolia to perform, the four made a sudden suggestion: "Why don't we just bring these clothes to perform."

The four have their own roles to play, Calvin is a bunny, Jiro is a Koala, Aaron is a bear and Wu Zun became a little dog. Calvin was so amused that he started dancing hip hop, "have you guys ever seen a rabbit that raps?" But the animal suit's hand only has 4 fingers, this caused them to not even be able to hold the microphone, the big feet even caused them to become ducks, luckily after hearing everyone complimented them "Kawaii (Cute)", Wu Zun wiped his sweaty hair: "We have always been cute."

Credit to Cmiley @ Asianfanatics

OMG, Wu Chun has like the best quotes ever. "We have always been cute" Of all their costumes, I would have to say that I like...not Arron's costume...but Wu Chun's costume. It's a little doggie.HAHAHA. But seriously, the picture suddenly reminds me of DBSK's costume in Balloon MV. Here watch their video and compare the costumes. Personally, I like DBSK's costumes over Fahrenheit's costumes.


  1. is it even possible for frh to be cute o.o' kyaaaa balloons is like the cutest MV ever<3 and like..... frh's animal costumes arent even cute or good looking... dbsk's costumes were stylish, cute, and i love yunho's hand puppet of a baby white tiger<3 kyaa and hero makes overalls look AWESOME!

  2. of course it's possible, just look at arron ONLY, hehehehee, yea their costumes aren't that good but o well...seriously tho, y whould they want to wear a costume that covers their head...

  3. yea exactly.. what bad costumes.. to think that someone would pick out clothes for them that completely covers their body and faces....

  4. ANTI-SHAO PERSONJanuary 13, 2008 3:54 PM